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Unpopular opinion: Hard reality about smurfs

You start Dota.

You click find match.

Match is found and you click accept.

You firstpick your support pos4 Lion.

Your mid player lastpicks Ember Spirit.

The game goes on nice.

You buy wards, you deward some.

An important teamfight happens. You use dust on enemy Clinkz, stun and ult him before you die.

The Ember Spirit is flying from across the map and get's the return kill.

He kills another 2 people. Tripple kill for him.

He is 12/1.

You are win the match in 34 minutes.

On the post game screen, you write "gg really nice team".

You feel good about Dota, you feel good about yourself.

You don't know Ember was a smurf.


You are getting ready for the next game.

You want to win another 30 MMR. You are close to Legend 1.

You click FIND MATCH.

Game is found and you click accept.

Players load their game.

You check their profiles.

You see that enemy support players like to play Abaddon a lot and the other guy plays Zeus.

Lion is bad vs both. But you won your last game with Lion because you played good (actually coz of the smurf). You pick Lion.

Enemy lastpicks Void Spirit. He has only 280 games, 9 winstreak with Brood. You are getting hysterical. You are not believing in yourself anymore. You are already justifying the reason of why you lost. Game hasn't even started yet.

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7 minutes in, your mid player is 0-2. Void spirit is level 9, your mid Storm just hit level 7.

You know this won't end well. And it doesn't.

Your safelane t1 is lost. Your carry is dying on a dead lane (promocode: BSJ)

Your mid Storm just queued Midas.

You lose the match at the 34 minute mark.


And now you sit on front of the PC. You want to create a Reddit thread about smurfs. But your guardian angel stops your hand and whispers in your ear:

"My dear friend,

There was a smurf in the first game that you have played as well. You played just like the average Archon would do. Not more, not less. Ember carried your ass, but you don't have the skill, game knowledge and probably the intelligence to see the big picture. You are so delusional, that you don't notice the reality when better players carry you.

Now for the second game, Void was also a smurf. He stomped you hard. There was nothing you could have done.

But I will tell you a secret. In the third game that you are gonna play, there will be no smurfs. You will lose the game because you are trash and you belong at this MMR. This was your chance, teams were equal, but you missed that stun, you overlapped your disables and went for a fucking Aether Lens instead of a Dagger versus that Antimage. You keep making bad decisions because you spam that FIND MATCH button instead of sometimes studying your own game or the smurfs that beat you (or that win games for you). Unless you change, start grinding, sweating blood and improving, you are gonna stay trash.

Yours faithfully

Mr. Harsh truth"

You are mesmerized by this moment. You never actually thought that you are were you belong in MMR. You always thought that you lose MMR because of bad team or enemy smurfs. Never has it occurred to you, that the smurfs are balanced statistically. One game in your team, one game in the enemy team. Never has it occurred to you that you could play better to gain MMR.

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Sadly, nothing changes. At the end, you create the reddit thread about the Void Spirit smurf. You even post dotabuff, matchid, give a long explanation about your life story, how your parents raised you, your favourite foods and stuff. You write a lot just so you feel better about losing against a better player.

You stay the same. Just as your MMR.


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