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Update to Dota Plus and Guilds (behavior_score)

Content of the article: "Update to Dota Plus and Guilds (behavior_score)"

First of all Dota2 behavior score doesn't reflect anything in that game, this must be changed. What do you mean by "smurfs"? Players that know how to play and do not feed/afk/hero abilities abuse and try hard to win every single game? Why do you think they are using new accounts? Why you don't use some algorithms to check the reports that players who feed/afk/abuse heroes abilities use on others?

I will show to you how VALVE improved this: " Also, reports are subjective, and are available to all players to assign whenever they feel like someone plays the game in a way that wasn't beneficial for everyone. We understand that some players tend to abuse this feature, that is why we only assess penalties when a pattern of disruptive behavior is established, based on reports from multiple parties over multiple matches. "

This means everyone can report anyone for whatever they want true or false that player will get penalty because the others who feed/abuse/afk want to. If you're different you get low priority and eventually get banned. You don't "fit" into them. It's like an infinite loop. After you pass that 1 week / 6 month period guess what? That Behavior score doesn't reset it at all and you start to play again, you disable chat (to avoid seeing any toxic messages) and the will to win and guess what it will happen? You get reports again for trying to play better than anyone on that game, why? Because they can do it and they will report over and over again.

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They said " Another area we’ve been doing work on recently is player behavior and toxicity. "

" We’ve made improvements to our smurf detection systems, and as a result we’ve started separating new accounts from entering the pool of normal and new players."

" We’ve also been ramping up our banning of booster accounts, as we’ve improved detections systems in recent months and gained more confidence in the ability to ban for it. In the past 30 days we’ve banned over 14000 accounts ."


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