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Valve and Gaben always wins

Content of the article: "Valve and Gaben always wins"

Let's face it, no amount of crying on reddit or social media will ever make Valve change the way they do things. It would need divine intervention for them to at least do better for dota. Broken features and abandoned ideas? From dota plus to prismatic gems back to the forgotten dota plus app. Name it, dota2 has a truck load of it. Heck, even the Steam Chat mobile app is broken most of the times.

It's obvious that Valve folks pay attention to the community to some degree. How else could they possibly sell the idea of releasing the Auntie Mage persona and Skel King Arcana? But they only listen when a) they want to listen, b) they have the incentives to do so, or c) something has gone so bad they have to fix it right away.

The truth unbeknownst to most of us is that Valve is not here to passionately develop dota, make it flourish and reach its full potential. They are here to make some money. As soon as they see that the Ti bp sales go down down (at some point in the future) they would most likely pay lesser attention to it just like what they did to TF2. The only thing that dota2 has it going for itself is the narrative that "The Ti prize pool keeps getting bigger and bigger every year!" and "We're the highest paying esports out there!"

If this Ti prestige foothold collapses, don't expect Valve to go above and beyond to rescue this game. This is not their bread and butter. They only earn a meager 200million+ (by my rough estimates) on this game per year. What's 200million a year to a company that is worth 10billion dollars? They can always find another IP that they can milk the shit out of.

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There is no scenario here where Valve loses. Why? How?

  1. They don't communicate with us? Doesn't matter, they already have our money anyway.

  2. They put up a blog post telling us that "something is in the works" for dota? Yey! The community praises them again and forgets whatever happened before. Then Valve can continue doing what they're doing be it good or bad.

  3. They don't fix broken dota things like the dota plus subscription? It doesn't matter, because people keep paying for dota plus anyway.

  4. They fix broken things like dota plus? Yey! The community praises and worships them again.

  5. They release IT3 a few days later? It doesn't matter, we already paid for it and they got 150+ millions for the whole bp already.

  6. They extend the bp? Yey! Means more time to earn more money for Valve. Extension also means the community gets to play with the BP features for longer. And the community praises them again.

  7. Valve does something wrong along the way? Expect a horde of elitist Valve White Knights to come to their rescue.

  8. Valve releases a Seasonal Cleaning Update? Expect the community to kiss Valve's boots again.

No matter how you spin it, Valve will come out as the victor. They already won the moment they took Dota in.

PS: sorry for the long post, its amazing what a day off from work can do to someone's free time.


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