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Valve is removing 2 DPC seasons and everyone is giving a pass and T2/T3 players continue to suffer.

Content of the article: "Valve is removing 2 DPC seasons and everyone is giving a pass and T2/T3 players continue to suffer."

Hello, I am a semi pro player from Myanmar (SEA) and Valve's blog is going to affect a lot of the t2/t3 teams/players that are supporting dota 2 and it will make their life worse because Valve is removing 2 DPC Season that are formulated to support t2/t3 scene for no reason. This will be a long post so please bear with me.

On the recent blog that Valve posted, their excuse for removing Fall and Winter Regional league (almost) is because they can't make Major cause of restrictions caused by virus. This is a bull shit excuse and this will only make life for t2/t3 teams/players worse. First, the teams that will go to Major from winning respective region leagues will not suffer from this as they are sponsored by big ORGs. So saying as, you need to make Majors to run regional leagues that are to support t2/t3 scene is a stretch. Lets be real here. No t2/t3 teams will not be good enough to win against EG, SECRET,OG, FNATIC. However, Regional leagues were formed with the idea to support T2/T3 scene. Right now, if we take a look at a prize pool from the Divisions ( you can see that the lowest prize in lower division is $7000 and it is almost $1500 flat per player (not including team salary, org cut and so on). In my country Myanmar, you can easily live with $200 per month (thats me being spendy) given the fact that you are gonna have a team house if you are going to play in DPC league. I imagine the same for other SEA countries, SA countries and some CIS and EU countries as well. Hell even in US, 1500 for college students is not a joke. In the blog, Valve mentioned that there are likely a few ( tournaments are gonna happen in SEA/NA/SA.) And these are the scenes that needs the Regional leagues/tournaments the most because it is almost dead (Valve not supporting local scene). Right now in SEA scene, players are not being paid and ORG are disbanding because simply put, there are no tournaments (ESPECIALLY REGIONAL LEAGUE) and its hard to sustain in these times and it is completely understandable from ORG perspectives.

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Now you may say "its not just dota, its everywhere LOL , go get a life nerd.". Well, it is flat out wrong. In my country, there are 3 popular games: Mobile legend , PUBG mobile and Dota. Funnily enough, Dota who owned by biggest company of the three (could be wrong) is the worst at nurturing/supporting scene. At this current "difficult" times in my country, ML and PUBG scene are VERY ALIVE. WHY? BECAUSE there are tournaments happening RIGHT NOW IN UNFORTUNATE TIMES that are supported by their own game company and not only they are supporting, they are supporting as a NATION scene (COUNTRY Qualifiers and tournaments) and not as a Region. When was the last time Valve support locally?. Yea. Additionally, their companies also support local streamers by sponsoring give away UC points and Diamond points. They even PAY and SPONSOR PRETTY MODELS to stream their games unironically because they want to attract younger males as well. I would be lucky if I get an arcana give away sponsored from Valve haha. And guess what, Valve is making over 100 millions from each battle pass and they are withholding this year's money and god knows what will they do with it. They don't even mention it in the blog.

The point of this post is that we as a community need to DEMAND from Valve. As it seem, Valve is slowly milking the shit out of DOTA until it dies and I don't want dota to die as it is the only game that I plays.

Dota won't die and I won't let it die.

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Thanks for reading.


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