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Valve reporting system is bugged, got low priority twice in a row with 0

Content of the article: "Valve reporting system is bugged, got low priority twice in a row with 0"


As the title says, the reason I made this post it's because I got in low priority 2 times in a row having conduct summary update with 0<3 reports. First I will tell you the story of how it happened and after that I wanna show you real facts about few glitches I found in this current system.
  • It all happened after I got in low priority because I got 6 reports. Fair enough, I deserved that one. After I got out of low priority in around 9 single draft games, I started to play ranked again. After 6 games I got the conduct summary update again with 0-3 reports and for some reason I got in low priority again.
  • So I removed my low priority penalty in 11 SD games this time. I started queuing for ranked again and I felt something was wrong since my first queue time was around 30 minutes. I played 2 ranked games after that, in both my teammates were flaming each other from the first minute but that didn't stopped me to focus and win both games and while getting 4 commends. After that I decided to play turbo to raise my behavior score without having any impact on my MMR.

  • So there I am queuing in turbo for 30 mins. After I found a game with obviously very low rank and mad people which were flaming each other for their previous game, I ended up playing pos5 Ancient Apparition. As soon as my divine 5 carry died for the first time, I started to get mass pinged and I didn't knew why. I told him to calm down because it's only a turbo game and after his second death he started pinging me again and there I realized I have to stop chatting at all for the rest of the game. After I finished the game I got commended 3 times so I guess the carry reported me for whatever reason. I took a break after that game and when I came to the PC, a new surprise was waiting for me. Another summary update with 0<3 reports and this time not only that I got into low priority and drastically behavior score loss but also 7 days ban.

  • I was so frustrated I didn't know what's happening so I started to look for the reason I got low priority again and I checked my report history using this site ( @CLICK HERE )

    And what I saw made complete non sense for me because I am pretty familiar with this stats and I knew instantly that something is not right.

Let me start by explaining for everyone how the conduct summary and overall report system works.
  • Conduct Summary updates every 15 games. It also updates for 2 other reasons that are called "Excessive Reports" or

"Excessive Abandons". Usually the minimum reports in order to get low priority is 6 match reports. Well the problem with this comes from SINGLE DRAFT games which have weird interactions with the summary update. They trigger the Conduct summary update, they look like they count for it , but in those games you can't get either commended or reported and also they don't increase your behavior. Because of a bug, they also "hide" your real stats for your last 15 games window.**

Based on this site, I wanna tell you something about the main categories that impact your behavior score the most.

Those numbers are pretty accurate, I spent a lot of time looking at my stats over the past 2 years on multiple accounts and I think I finally understand them pretty well.

  • Excessive Reports: 6 or more
  • Excessive Abandons: 2 ore more
  • Positive Matches: Matches where you don't get reported which slightly increase your behavior.
  • Reported Matches: Matches where you get reported which drastically decrease your behavior.
  • Reports: Overall reports in last 15 games.
  • Commends: Commends in last 15 games.
  • Behavior Score: From 0 to 10.000.


So, after I analyzed a lot of summary updates, I can finally assume that:

  • 1 Positive Match = +50 Behavior score
  • 1 Reported Match = -200 Behavior score


I don't have an exact amount for reports and commends but for sure their impact are way lower then the other two.

There is the photo ( @CLICK HERE ) with my last conduct summary updates. (Look first for those from 4631 behavior score to 5389) because after the red line it's actually the glitch happening because of those single draft games. Let's make quick math's based on the numbers I shared.

  • from 4631 to 5389.(+758).
    15PM – 0RM = +750 Behavior score
  • from 5389 to 5959.(+570).
    4PM – 1RM = 700 – 200 = +500 Behavior score
  • from 5959 to 5389 (-570).
    10PM – 5RM = 500 – 1000 = -500 Behavior score


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As you can see, using those values, the result is pretty close to the real one, usually +/- 100 from the actual result.

(the small difference between results will be made by reports and commends.)


Everyone that have lower then 10k behavior and played only solo ranked games can calculate their summaries using those numbers. The exception is when you have "Excessive reports" and you are going to play penalty games, because those will actually bug your next conduct summary.

For the numbers after the red line you can see there is complete nonsense. I'm losing almost 1k behavior score with 2 Match Reports and also there are missing games from my Match Count total.

  • from 5389 to 5259
    13PM – 1RM -1unknown = (-130 -1unknown)
  • from 5259 to 4809
    12PM – 2RM -1unknown = (-450 -1unknown)
  • from 4809 to 3919
    11PM -2RM -2unknown = (-890 -2unknown)


Because those single draft games actually ruining those 3 updates I will work using this photo ( CLICK HERE ) photo of my recent games. Between those SD games I have 10 ranked games that I can work with.

From those 10 games it looks like I got reported in 5 so that means rest of them are Positive Matches. Also I will assume that those 4 UNKNOWN GAMES are Reported Matches taken from behind (From the matches that already updated when I got first time into low priority).

  • from 5389 to 3919 (-1470)
    5PM – 5RP -4UNKNOWN = -750 – 4U = -1550 Behavior score


Because those single draft games don't work properly with summary updates, the system can't work with them, so it have to take the matches that already were counted before. Basically what happened here is that I lost extra behavior score from the previous reported matches that already dropped my behavior once. So instead of losing 750 behavior I lost 800 more.

I wanna give you guys an example to make you understand better. So this is my account right now where I got low priority due to excessive reports. Let's say my all 5 reports where in my last 5 games in a row.

Match Count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Last 15
Reported M ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ <5 RM


It will take me around 11 SD games to remove low priority. Usually after I get out from low priority I'm very careful in my next few games until my summary updates again.

Due to my low behavior score I will play pos5 so I will not upset anyone by taking their roles. After 4 ranked games my summary will update again and will show me that I have 0<3 reports. And that will make me think my last 15 games look like that:

Match Count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Reported M
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Because of my last Summary update I might first pick in order to get my desired role, which might be the reason for my next report if I lose the game.
This single report will give me again low priority and ban and also the summary update will lie in my face again and show me that I have 0<3 reports, but this is how the summary really look like:

Match Count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Last 15
Reported M ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ <6 RM


Not only I will get again low priority + banned, also my behavior score will drop more then it should.

I wanna add that I might be wrong there and there with system itself, but what i'm sure of is that sd games should count like normal games even if they don't increase your behavior. If not, they shouldn't look like they doing it. Also losing more behavior score for the same reports that already dropped my behavior once isn't right either.


  • P.S my conduct summary updated 3 times while I was playing a lot of single draft games and few rankeds showing me that I was doing fine, I am not getting reported etc., when the real truth was those updates were fake.

  • So I don't think it's right, considering how hard it actually is to raise your behavior in low bracket. It's not fair to get tricked by those updates and that make me be more vocal in my games thinking nothing can happen because my summary was updated with the little green "happyface".


  • In this moment that account is dead for me. No matter what I do now, after I remove my low priority, next game I will play ranked or turbo is pretty much a gamble if I will get banned or not. So there I am, making this reddit post and hoping Valve is going to do something about it.


Also you can ( CLICK HERE ) to see my conversation between me and the guy that actually motivated me to make this reddit post. He is high rank player with 10k behavior that have a smurf that dropped through time at 4k. If I ever doubted myself if I actually deserve this or not, after I talked with this guy I know for sure the system is not right.


  • I am sure that for high behavior score people what am I saying is shit, I am sure they don't care and I am sure they will also hate me because I'm a low behavior player. So for people that are here to blame or make fun of this situation I wanna tell you that I don't have any interest to interact with you guys, do whatever you wanna do. The only reason I made this post is for people that did experienced same things as me and also to expose those real problems in actual system.
Well that would be all. The rest of this post is for Valve, my thoughts about this actual behavior score system.
  • It's so hard and almost impossible to get out of this bracket. I spent more then 6 months trying to climb behavior instead of raising my actual MMR or focusing into playing better Dota. I tried almost everything to raise my behavior score, and the worst one so is muting all incoming chat which Valve implemented few time ago. It took me -1k behavior and low priority to realize how bad that decision was.

  • So maintaining your current behavior is pretty simple but actually raising it in this low range is almost impossible. In order to raise your behavior with maximum of 750 score you need to have 0 reports. There was one time where I got no reports and for me that day was a miracle. The fact that in low behavior games telling to people normal things like "You should have TP'd here", "You shouldn't fight without me", "You should buy this item" and many others normal things like that actually makes people mad and they most probably will report you if you end up losing that game.

  • Everyone is mad and unstable in this bracket. Why? Well there are many reasons. One of them might be because of high queue time. Try to imagine after waiting half an hour for a game, you will get unfair matches rank wise, your role stolen from a guy with much lower rank then you, people flaming, feeding, destroying items, tilting each other etc. Even if you are the most positive guy in that day, after games like that you might end ruining other people games just like others ruined you.


Since I got banned I made a little experiment.
  • I borrowed a 5k MMR account from a friend with 10k behavior and in exactly 30 games I got 7k MMR because of the smurf detection system. So in those 30 games my summary updated 2 times and I was shocked when I saw that I got no reports. I don't think it's worth to say that I was 10 times more toxic then I was in my last 2 years. Yet I didn't got reported once because those people don't really care if someone is trashtalking or flaming, they will just mute that person and play the game, unless you destroy items or grief the game.

  • There's a lot of players that are being toxic in high behavior bracket for so long now, most of them are pro's. If they were actually in low behavior games they wouldn't ever get out if they will behave like that.

  • So my point is, in order to get out from this "hell" you actually have to behave way more better then the other people and also this will not grant you free "pass" since playing bad is also another big reason you're getting reported in this low behavior score bracket.

In the end I wanna say that Valve should really do something about this low behavior score bracket, I know you are trying to protect the rest of the community from the "bad guys" but at least you should make a fair system for the people that can actually change. Few ideas might can be:
  1. Getting reported by low behavior people count less then getting reported by high behavior players"(Those that in theory shouldn't be emotionally unstable). And also many things like my example that can help the system a lot.

  2. Also I don't understand why we are not able to see how much behavior we earn after any game just like mmr or who and when report us, I don't know why is everything so hidden because for me makes no sense.


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Well that would be all, I tried to make this post as short as possible, I kept editing it for the past 7 days. I have opted for gathering data that can backup the reason behind my post, so hopefully if you're interested in this, you will understand this post.



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