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Valve we really need a performance-related update, for players who have a bad PC and also for players that want 100+ FPS during their matches

Hello dota2,

First of all I would like to say that Dota 2 is a beautiful game, not only gameplay-wise, but the graphics are also amazing. However, this comes at a cost. Have you ever been playing against a Monkey King and during a team fight you get a 0.5s or 1s "freeze" because he used his ultimate? If so, you know what I'm talking about. There are lots of skills that can make this happen and it's a pain to try to find out if the settings you are using will work to avoid this or not.

So then it hit me: we don't have a benchmark option for this game. There is no "offical" way to know if using Vulkan, OpenGL, Directx9 or 11 will make the game runs smoother. Unless you use the same match to compare between them and use an external tool, such as MSI Afterburner, to create a log about your framerate… then you can't be for sure about whether the game is running better or not.

But to me this is just the top of the iceberg. Nowadays we have hundreds of cosmetic items that have their own "effect", adding way more polygons or lighting sources in the game. I always thought this was OK and didn't hit the performance very hard. However, after testing the No Bling (if you are unfamiliar with it, the TL;DR is that it basically disables effects or all the cosmetics) I could get almost 25~35 more FPS in my matches.Then this raises the question, why we don't have an option for this in dota? Just disabling the effects from the cosmetics, like disabling their custom lighting would already gives us a huge FPS boost.

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Lastly, I would suggest to add a Dynamic Resolution for the game. For example, if your average FPS drops to 45 or 60 then the game sets your resolution for 70%, bringing it back to a higher framerate. And now that we are on this topic, what about adding support for nvidia DLSS or AMD fidelityfx? This would be an amazing addiction to Source Engine.

TL;DR for everyone, what I'm suggesting is:

  • An easy way to Benchmark the game
  • An easy way to disable cosmetics custom effects or sets
  • Support for Dynamic Resolution and/or DLSS/FidelityFX


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