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Valve’s constant disregard for the community and scamming people who are paying for their services.

Content of the article: "Valve’s constant disregard for the community and scamming people who are paying for their services."

I am gonna highlight a few points out to tell you why exactly valve does not care about its player base and has been on the backseat for a long time because it's used to getting easy money from the community. This will be a list for people who are paying for valve's services.

  1. Trove carafe has been cancelled, I get it, it's the pandemic but we have given them 35million prize pool possibly more, can't they hire some talented designers and developers and get it released?

  2. Almost no major changes in dota plus for about a year. It's easy for people to say don't subscribe but what about the people who have subscribed for a year. Isn't it valve's duty to have atleast an update or a free high quality set given to the subscribed members every month.

  3. Delay in releases of windranger arcana, very average personas both of anti mage and Pudge. I mean it could have been way better in so many different ways. Just look at pubg for example they release a major crate with high quality sets every week. Are they making excuses?

  4. This is personal experience, I opened about 45 immortal treasure 2 and still no Ursa immortal. I get it odds, but is it fair. I ended up recycling all the extra immos for a higher chance but still no luck I'm over level 600. If I had recycled them for sideshop gems I would have surely got an arcana which would have made it balanced in some sense. But here I got literally nothing, i lost more than I could have gained. This hurts both my pocket and my soul.

  5. Really no major update to rylai's wheel. I remember the times I used to be excited to spin the wheel. Now when I spin I just know I will be disappointed by a really low quality average set and rylai's scam wheel never fails in giving me just that.

  6. So many features in the battle pass literally feels like gambling. You end up paying more and playing more with not enough return to investment for the time and money spent by the community.

  7. We have literally no voice, can't claim anything, very bad customer support services provided by valve.

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Don't forget guys this is a billion dollar company

I'm pretty sure there are many more things to add to this list

And honesty I know no one in the community is gonna protest or stop paying valve and valve knows it. So till we reach a point where more people in the community voice their problems with valve there will be no change.


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