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Veil Enigma?

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The thought process with veil is amping your Maledict, Midnight Pulse, and Black Hole damage and also provide decent aura for team and good debuff on enemies to amp damage for your team. Also once you get aghs and whatnot, your damage just gets crazier and also CDR makes veil have really strong uptime (16 with active, 9s downtime w/out cdr, but 4.5s downtime with cdr talent).

However, I feel like early on is where I dislike the idea of this build because EITHER you go soul ring AND veil and delay your blink some more OR you skip soul ring and go veil and potentially have mana problems, but not as bad of a blink timing. (Not to mention his skills have high cooldown in early levels so he can't reliably be a damage dealer until probably later, but I'm not really sure how important that is).

Mangos and Clarities is best solution I have atm to the latter (which I prefer). However, maybe soul ring rush (gauntletx2, ring of protection, tangos, clarity/mango after runes) is still the best build, but I still worry about delaying blink, but i might be wrong. Haven't tested different builds enough, but I can see this going either way.

Also the skill build I am torn between. 2211 or like 1311 gives you a bit more value with veil, but if anything, 2301 like before or 3201 would still be good because malefice does good damage and midnight pulse early doesn't matter that much because the damage will be low until enemy hps get way higher. However, mana cost of midnight pulse level 1 is not that bad if you can deal enough damage with it and veil.

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Based on testing damage #s, I'm unsure/do not think the damage is enough early to justify 4141 veil build with enigma like you can with axe 1441 or whatever. Maybe it is, but then idk what you will do in lane. Enigma is a strong laner because of ability to control denies and equilibrium and having weaker minions just seems like a bad idea. Only upside I can see is mana related, but in the overall scheme, it seems like a terrible idea because pulse is better late/worse early & eidelons (pre-level 25 & lvl 20) and strong early/weak late and are very flexible (let you push, deny, harass heroes, jungle/farm, etc.), which makes them obvious choice.

Sorry for wall of text, but just wanted to share my thoughts on it and bounce this off on yall. I'm getting the feeling that its not bad, but maybe it'll be way better in a stomp or in a game where you need to be a notable damage dealer. From my experience with enigma (80+ games & 52% wr, which I know isn't a lot, but he is like my 5th most played), I feel like he really isn't a damage dealer/doesn't have to be unless your farm is phenomenal and you get a lot of good fights and blackholes and becoming a damage dealer at that point just makes you unstoppable. I can see 4141 teamfight enigma with soulring veil being a thin


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