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Very new players in non-new player’s games

OK so I read a post a few days ago about how people were getting reported for quite literally being new at the game. Feeding on hard carries when they just don't know how to react to pressure, that sort of thing. At that time, I had just come out of a game with someone who had never played the game before. For the record I have 2.4k games played, 10k behaviour score and currently rank Guardian3 ( I pretty much gave up on ranked play about 2 years ago) (dbuff I am trying to actively become a better player myself and this includes trying to help others along the way and invloving myself in the community more. I love the overwatch system and I'm planning on testing out in-game coaching too.

Today my matchmaking has taken the piss, in 4/6 games there was at least one player on my team with no game experience, and in one case there were two. Some were in parties, some were solo players, some even had accounts created today. They clearly have not done the new player experience, and in one game one of their party members said that they specifically told them not to and to just play the game. All but one of these games was a loss, and the win came after I was partied with a friend and the game went 54 minutes, it was not a fun game at all.

There needs to be some restriction on what can happen with new accounts. They can't play ranked games for 100 games, but it needs to be more than that.

As far as I can tell, this should go along the lines of;

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~All players must complete the new player experience, in order to unlock normal matchmaking.

~Locking hero pool to 1* difficulty heroes for 100 games, 2* for 200 and only after 300 can you access 3* heroes. because you picking puck mid on your first game vs SF with 5k games is just a loss off the bat.

~To some degree, locking what role can be played might be worth looking at, because if you end up in a support role, you need to be able to support.

~Within the above locking heroes depending on their role, so if the team already has 4 carries (sub 3k what can I say) then you can't pick a carry at all. Similarly, if the team has no carries then you are locked into picking one. I would rather it went even further than that really and did it at 3 cores, but sometimes semi carries are workable.

~An icon on the hero select screen that indicates to other players that you are at a certain level of play, I would settle for an account level on hover rather than having to spend valuable time clicking through every single player's profile to work out if you will need to coach your own teammates.

~The addition of a 'new player' soft report. which would not result in a ban or account action, just a correction of that players matchmaking pool. A way of saying "this player should not have been matched into this game".

~An "expected MMR/Rank for this item build" added to the guides section. I have seen too many games where players, especially new players, blindly follow a guide. For example, picking Lion and going tranquil boots followed by blink then ags. with not a single other item in between and having nothing past blink at 45 minutes. (I have some very specific gripes about this build even being shown to low rank players at all but that's another post) this is NOT a good build for lion players who are new to the game, not even a little bit.

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~Game number based report availability. If I play ~6 games a day for a total of 36 games a week I should have a higher number of reports available to me than someone who plays 2 games a week. I am significantly more likely to encounter reportable offences.

~Removing the ability to report players with less than 100 games, for certain offences like feeding. this would stop malicious reporting of those new players, outlines in the post I was reading the other day. This is the one I am least sure of, because new players to DoTA might have enough experience with other games to know how to effectively grief a game and might well be intentionally feeding.

I want to add that I have no problem whatsoever with new players themselves, I'm happy you joined DoTA. I do have a problem with automatic losses in over half of my games. Some people say "well if you're good enough you should be able to carry the team anyway" which is not true unless the older player has significant experience on a specific hero, thus limiting their own hero pool and item choices because of the poor drafting of players who don't know any better. This doesn’t even take into account last pick nonsense either. Additionally, this assumes that you are even playing a core role AND that your level of play is beyond the ENEMY team's level of play, not your own.

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I know this is long, and anyone who read this far I wish upon you good teammates and communication in your next games, but I think this is a significant enough issue that it needs to be addressed. I might have missed a few bits here and there, but my point still stands. These games are not fun for us because we're immediately on the defensive about auto-losses and it's not fun for them because we are telling them to do stuff that they clearly don't understand.

tl;dr : New players ruin the game for everyone not at the same level they are, without changes this drastically reduces the fun for all involved.


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