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Vlad Tepes, Dracula

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Vlad Tepes, Dracula
Life and Death I've conquered them both and you shall be next A prince of a long gone kingdom, defiant till the end. Using all the force he can muster Vlad rode into an unwinnable battle, praying to the Omniscience, praying that maybe even outnumbered they will win the battle, but at this time praying isn't enough. On the verge of death Vlad dropped his faith, the call of the abyss is stronger, growing every so loudly. Hell's blood began to sip through the soil and as Vlad's tongue touches it the demons have chosen their champion. No one knows what happened to the fabled prince but elders still says that to find Vlad, bleed yourself in the night, for like a shark he lurks in the depths of darkness.
Day and night, shall have no difference, using his Vampiric abilities and strength to drink, squander and stab the enemy, Vlad will drain all enemies dry
Initiator, Escape, Disabler

Vlad Tepes, Dracula is a melee strength hero adept at using his vampiric abilities in order to overwhelm his foes. He can gain bonus damage and health by killing and biting enemy units and can transform and summon deadly stakes from the ground.

Strength: 27 + 2.8
Agility : 17 + 2.1
Intelligence: 15 + 1.9
Armor : 1
Damage at Level 1: 52-56
Attack Time: 1.5
Attack Range: 150


INNATE: Vampirism

Vlad's powers gave him innate Lifesteal and Spell Lifesteal. The Spell lifesteal is consist as well for both creep and hero units.

Breakable Yes
LifeSteal 5% + 2% per level
Spell Life Steal 3% + 2% per Level

He who feeds on the blood of mortals shall extend thier life eternal

Q: Vampiric Aspect, Passive

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Dracula's curse is also his greatest strength. Everytime he kills an enemy unit he gains a stack of damage resistance and attack damage, enemy heroes killed gives double the amount.

This stacks infinitely, stacks' stats gain during the day are reduced by 80%. Each increment is independent and does not refresh the previous one

Breakable? Yes
Bonus Damage Resistance/Kill 1%/1.2%/1.5%/1.9%
Bonus Attack Damage/Kill 2/3/4/5
Bonuses Duration 30/40/50/60

Blood is the currency of soul and the vehicle of life

W: Transformation, No Target

CD: 17/15/14/12 MANA: 75/80/85/90

Transforms into a bat and dashes, disjointing projectiles and evading attacks. Upon the end of the dash Vlad turns back to his human form gazing to everyone in an AOE forcing them to walk slowly towards him. Vlad can prematurely stop the dash by casting the ability again

Max Distance 500
Gaze Radius 400/450/500/550
Gaze Duration 1.3/1.5/1.7/2
Distance Moved 32%/38%/44%/50%

Dracula's power's includes transforming into tiny critters to escape or attack

E: Vampire's Bite, Unit Target

CD: 14 MANA: 120/140/160/180

Bites off a hero or unit dealing damage and healing for 100% of damage dealt. If this ability kills it will spawn a Ghoul with 300/400/500/600 HP and deals 50% of Vlad's current damage. The Ghouls also have a sub ability Flesh Combustion which upon activation destroys them but deals 50% of their health in a 400 radius.

Damage 145/190/230/260
Ghoul Movement Speed 325
Ghoul Attack Speed 100
Ghoul Armor 4/5/6/7
Max Ghouls 1/2/3/4
Cast Range 150

Dracula's fangs sink deep into the necks of his enemies draining both their life and will

R: Piecing Stakes , Point Target

CD: 120/100/80 MANA: 190/220/260

Summons a stake and throws it to a unit dealing damage and stunning them. The damage dealt is equal to a percent of their max health

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HP as Damage 15%/20%/25%
Stun Duration 1.9/2.5/3.2
Cast Range Global
Max Travel Distance 1100/1200/1300
Damage Collision Size 125

Dracula's favorite method of execution from a time immemorial

Aghanim's Upgrade: (If there is one)

Transformation: No longer has a set dash distance instead is now has a 15s invisibility ability which gives tree and phased movement + 15% bonus MS. If the ability is pressed again, Vlad breaks the invisibility or it runs out, it will trigger the effect. The ability does not go into cooldown until the ability is used.

Aghanim's Shard:

Hound of Baskerville: Every 6 seconds Vlad sends his hound as an attack extending his range by 400 and dealing bonus 40/50/60/70 damage for one attack, this also heavily maims the enemy.

BKB? Yes
Move Speed Reduction 20%/26%/32%/36%
Attack Speed Reduction 50/70/90/110


Level Left Right
25: +500 Gaze Radius +30 Seconds Vampire Aspect Reduction
20: +3 Ghouls Vampire Bite +200 Damage Vampire Bite
15: +1s Gaze Duration Transformation +175 Cast Range
10: +5 stats +20 Movement Speed

Author's Notes: Vampires are by far one of the many stereotypical characters Dota still doesn't have and no Lifestealer doesn't count. Now Valve has obvs tinkered with the idea as a Vampire character has been teased. This concept was done before that leak but I made it so it incorporates some of the leaks whilst also making something of my own.


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