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Wanna climb as position 4? Play Dark Willow

Content of the article: "Wanna climb as position 4? Play Dark Willow"

First of all, I'm not some godlike player, just a regular 5k trash, but I'm pretty certain this can be abused in lower brackets because I'm doing it constantly against Divine players. I recently started playing Dark Willow because I got bored with my regular heroes and my reaction after the first game and 13/2/23 score was: WTF WHY DIDN'T I PLAY THIS HERO BEFORE?!?! She has everything – a stun, a root, a nuke/escape, another nuke and ulti that sends the enemy team running back to their mommy (fountain is the mommy).

And here's why you should play Dark willow if you want to climb:

– Enemy pos 5 wants to contest you when you side pull? Just Bramble Maze the dumb mofo and if your offlaner is close by, guess who got first blood? You of course, never give kills to offlaner.

– Enemy PA sees you have 100 hp left, certain of your death she jumps but you simply Shadow Realm and tp to base while typing "?" in all chat. This stuff hurts worse than dying.

– When you get your Euls you can literally solo kill almost any hero on the map. Yes, even the PA from last argument. Use Cursed Crown, then Euls so the enemy lands stunned, Bramble maze right under him. Now it's time for your high damage combo – Shadow Realm and Bedlam. That's 360 dmg (on top your base dmg) and 20*75 magic dmg (0,25 sec interval, lasts for 5 seconds). You do the math. It's A LOT! Main advantage of this combo is that enemy heroes don't really expect to die to a lousy position 4. Especially some Tinkerbell wannabe with a broken lantern. Exploit the arrogance of enemy cores to your advantage!

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– As a good support, you position yourself in the back while your team pushes the tower. Suddenly, a Faceless Void jumps in with his Chrono, capturing your entire team. You laugh to the poor no-eyed fool while pressing R and sending him to his base. Same goes for LC duel, Enigma Black hole, Bane Fiends grip or Mars' Arena of blood. Especially use this if you have Mars on your team. Mars and Willow have one of the deadliest combos early and mid game.

– Your dumb cores are feeding again, going solo to enemy jungle, dying to gank then start flaming supports for not warding? No problem. Get yourself an Aghanim scepter and become a core yourself. Enemy team will be like "ok, it's late game, there is no way I can die to that damn Dark Willow". Then boom, you deal 3k magic dmg from a 1075 range and prove them wrong once again. Don't forget to type "?" in all chat for extra magic dmg.

– Playing her improves your mechanical skills. Everyone can play Ogre Magi pressing 2,3 buttons in whatever order, you simply can not go wrong. Not with Dark Willow. You have 5 spells, 5 buttons (plus the button for Eul's) which need to be timed perfectly for maximum impact. Master this and you're one step closer to finally playing Invoker.

– She has low cooldown on spells (except Terrorize). You can spam her combos every 30 seconds (Bedlam). So if you have less than 10 kills and 30 assist when the game ends, don't consider yourself a man. Especially if you're a woman!

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My winrate with DW is now at 55% after 22 games, but I made some serious impact in literally every game (even the ones we lost, damn cores).

TL DR – Play Dark Willow, she is so underrated


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