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We created a guide similar to Purge’s “Welcome to Dota you suck” for supports !


In case you only want to read the book go here or here (google drive decided to crash the day I finished this so hopefully you guys can use these 2 mirrors but in case something goes wrong I'll add the google drive link when the service normalizes)

In case you don't want or can't download a 46mb pdf file you can maybe check it in this imgur album (not sure how quality will be though)

That said I guess we should clarify that this isn't exactly the same thing Purge did because we do skip over some basic support Dota concepts to actually talk about a lot of other support stuff we never found easily available or digestible. We still feel like tons of 2k MMR + players have a lot to gain reading this and since we divided the guide in small sections this is probably something you can have around and check once in a while whenever you're not sure about something after all the guide is 30 pages long and it might be hard to read and understand it in one go if you're not familiar with some of the concepts presented.

We go over a ton of stuff in it (here's the summary) 1 and 2

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Also sorry about the weird logo at the start I wanted to make a guide that was aesthetically pleasing so I learned lateX and used a preset I found online to write the book but I couldn't design a better logo than that thing so get over it lmao. That said because I used lateX the guide can be updated easily so in the future we might be able to release a more in-depth version or even just adapt the guide to patches that drop.

If you enjoyed this and you would like similar content in the future the "random university" tier on patreon is one of the simplest ways to give us an incentive to keep going. I managed to find time to write this during Christmas/New Years (while Mangus was days away from the open qualifiers for DPC). Support on patreon means finding great players in other roles to help us outsource some of the work and still deliver great content for you 🙂


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