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Welcome to TrueDota2: Rules & Info — Read first before posting!

Thanks for checking out TrueDota2 — your #1 source for Dota 2 gameplay discussion!

This post is meant to ensure that you understand how our Rules are enforced, and to answer your frequently asked questions about how the sub-reddit works.

Please read the following Rules before you post — posts or comments that break these rules will be removed without warning. Repeatedly violating a rule will result in a warning and eventual ban. Please do your part by reporting posts that violate any of these rules.


  • Post interesting Dota 2 content, questions or analysis!

  • Posts about matchmaking, MMR or complaining about recent matches/teammates will be removed regardless of context.

  • Submit suggestions through moderator mail. Do not submit them to the sub-reddit as topics.

  • Any type of posts recruiting or advertising to readers of this subreddit for any reason are prohibited. (To get approval for a community-focused advertisement such as a tournament or league, please send a request to Modmail before posting)

  • No memes, joke-threads, or off-topic discussion. Downvote misinformation and off-topic posts.

  • Do not request technical support or report in-game bugs/glitches. Posts that are a "clever use of game mechanics" and not an unfair exploit are still allowed. (To appeal a removal of a post along these lines, send a message to Modmail with a link to the thread)

  • Don't be a jerk! If someone is wrong, explain why they're wrong informatively, and non-condescendingly.

  • Never downvote something only because you disagree with it! Agree to disagree.

  • Read and adhere to Reddiquette

  • Your Reddit account must be at least 7 days old in order to post.

We also have created some additional guidelines to deal with repetitive or slightly-off-topic posts. These Suggestions will help you make the most of your TrueDota2 experience, but will not generally lead to post removal:


  • When giving advice, please consider sharing your MMR/experience-level to make your post more useful. It's also a good idea to include the current patch in your post titles. You can also include your MMR/bracket by editing your custom flair text.

  • If you need someone to analyse your gameplay, either ask a specific question that can be useful to other readers OR try making a post on analysemydota2.

  • For Overwatch discussion and to get opinions on cheaters/griefing, try Dota2. Please only post here about Overwatch if it is directly gameplay-related.

  • Custom hero and item concepts should be posted on DotaConcepts. Rework suggestions and other concepts can be posted here provided that you discuss how your concept would improve the game and are open to criticism.


Q: What are those flag-looking things in people's flairs?

A: Our flairs were made by /u/tomatomater. The reference that explains which heroes are represented by which flag is here:

Q: Why don't we force post authors to include their MMR?

A: We operate on an honor system currently — as long as you ask politely, it's perfectly okay to challenge someone who is presenting ideas that you think only work because they are at a different MMR than yours. Readers are encouraged to always think for themselves and use good judgment when seeking advice.

Q: Why can't we have weekly/automated discussion posts?

A: Reddit limits sub-reddits to two stickies at a time. This Rules sticky and the current patch notes will always have priority, but from this post onward we will be stickying patch notes for no longer than ~2 weeks to allow for more frequent rotation of stickied topics.


  • – If you want to draw a picture of a situation on a minimap, use this tool and right click to save the image. Upload that to and post it with your question.

  • Thinking about the game a little differently – One of the most well-known TD2 posts ever, and a favorite of our previous moderator /u/loveisdead.


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