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What are the “classes” in Dota 2? What I mean by this isn’t roles like 1-5, but what the hero is supposed to do in teamfights, and what stats they are supposed to build.

I haven't quite pinned down what the classes are in Dota 2, especially coming from League of Legends.

Since every hero can get more attack damage by building their primary attribute, it's WAY different from League, where only ADC's and some Bruisers are built around autoattacking. But in this game, it seems like every hero is an autoattacker to some degree?

The Agility attribute also gives both Armor and Attack Speed, which sounds counterintuitive (In LoL, not a single item gives both attack damage and armor IIRC).

I've been having fun with Dragon Knight, but I'm not even really sure what I'm supposed to be doing with him. At first glance he seems like a Tank, but his ult turns him into a really strong autoattacker/pusher? I also like Undying, but I don't know if I should be supporting allies, pushing lanes, tanking damage, or assassinating people. I kind of just do all of those things and it usually works out.

In League of Legends there are 6 pretty clearly defined roles. There are some miscellaneous and hybrid heroes, and some can have weird builds, but the vast majority are 1 of the following classes:

– Tanks, who are good at taking damage and disrupting the enemy team, also good initiators

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– Assassins, who are good at bursting down single targets, and have some kind of stealth/teleport/escape

– Bruisers, who can both take and deal damage, and can either protect teammates or attack enemies depending on how the fight is going

– ADC's, who are good at continuous, sustained damage using autoattacks, with their abilities often supplementing their autoattacks

– Mages, who deal high area damage using abilities,

– Supports, who heal and boost allies, and take little to no gold from creeps

My question is, what are the "classes" in Dota 2, and how do they relate to LoL classes? And if there are no clearly defined classes, how should I go about deciding what I should be doing when I play a particular hero?


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