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What carry hero can reliably win games without much help

I am honestly just tired. After a bit of overload with Uni and not having much free time in terms of "several hours to play" I spend some time watching guides, replays and such and decided to play a bit. I just can't believe what people I'm playing with and against. It isn't about being bad, I'm Legend 3, I'm bad too, but they genuinely don't want to win

Just last 3 games(yes, you can nitpick tons of mistakes and deaths because of tilt or bad communication with team, but you are mad man if you tell me I'm the one who deserves most blame for any of those games). I win lane on Spectre, everything is up and down since she isn't hero to solo the game even with that lead, but we can win, then after Roshan and enemy moving top on our vision, SF stays there, I leave(our team is far away), he dies, blames me and stops playing. We make teamwipe after their buybacks after another good teamfight. I call Legion to but Deso, travvels and kill throne in 60 secs. He tells me we will take 3 sides, but in minute they all resp, he only steps up to t3 with useless Satanic. I'm tilted, we lose out last chance to win.

Second, game goes to shit from start, offlane and pos4 trashtalk each other in chat, Skywrath gameruins from the start. We manage to kill Morph and I call them to get favorable fight 4 v 4 while Enigma doesn't have BKB and I kill towers in seconds. Enemies barely manage to kill me 4 v 1 with black hole, which proves that we would win fight otherwise if they responded to a call. Yes, it was mistake going there when they didn't move(not that it is my fault they didn't, I told them to prepare for push the second morph died), but I decided game was lost, if we don't take a fight 4 v 4 we will never win it 4 v 5 with Morphling not brainfarting. We obviously can't win, they get trashed without a single kill and claim that I somehow would have made -5 if I helped them, despite the fact that even team wipe wouldn't be enough to make those push.

Third game, just unkillable Tinker(propably with scripts, he literally rearmed inside of Avalanche once, but doesn't matter), I ask supports to buy Glimmers, they tell me to fuck off, as result they are useless against Tinker 99% of the game and we lose to gameruiner on Slark because in the end with their 2 sides down we bited glyph out, I practically beg them 10 times in 10 seconds to retreat, Legion initiates into Slark, failes miserably and so do other 2 supports, all without buys.

I just lost the faith in those teams, I can't believe anything I did or could've done would have mattered. They are literally need to listen to my calls 3 times and we 90% win 3 of those games.

The only hero I play who can really carry 4 anchors is Naga, but she 1. Can be countered, especially by support items more so than with heroes. 2. If you get feeders, she can't keep up with enemies when they are equal networth to her

I'm also trying to improve my personal skill but I don't really know how. I do one mistake one game, find it, tell myself not to repeat it, find other, repeat but don't see anything changing, I only upped 1 medal(2 if you count my temporary fall into Crusader) in like several months and 100 games


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