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What could i have done better? – Specter, low as fuck MMR ranked game. (Criticism and Commendments very welcome)

Content of the article: "What could i have done better? – Specter, low as fuck MMR ranked game. (Criticism and Commendments very welcome)"

MATCH ID: 5657315154

TLDR; Apart from the things im listing below, what do you guys think I can improve on? Is there anything I could have done differently to change the outcome of the game? Apart from the drafting that is.

Worth noting that after 25 minutes i just stopped trying to come back and just went high risk high reward mode since Earth spirit abandoned.Yo! So Im usually very aware of my own mistakes, it may be to the fact where I think too much about them while the game is still going on.

So this game happened just a few minutes ago it was a clear loss in many ways, some of the reasons are because of me, some of the reasons because of my teammates. But are there things i could have done to change the outcome of the game, IN the actual match?

First i want to point out my own mistakes that im aware of so no one has to go on about those more than the pointing and laughing that youre entitled to:

– Last hitting, Im constantly trying to get better at it. Some games are 50+/10+ at the 10 minute mark, some games i have about half cause of hard lane. This match felt really hard since Earth spirit wasnt really contributing at all to my lane.

-Midas, i usually never get midas in these situations cause i didnt have very consistent farm but i wanted to give it a try to see if i could come back because of it. I think it was a mistake since i knew that i HAD to get a Manta against both clinkz and BS. Not sure it would have made a difference tho.

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-Draft, I could have drafted a more suitable carry against their mostly burst physical damage team like TB(maybe), Naga, WK, Sven (for the extra stun and Warcry) or PL.

-Stayed in bot lane too long? I figured I could atleast have the level advantage if i stayed in the lane and didnt let it get pushed too hard. Should I have left for jungle?

-Didnt buy Sentries, I noticed a bit too late that no one really bought sentries so i pinged them when i noticed but i probably should have just gotten them myself.

-Bad fights, A few times I could have just kept on farming instead of trying to join in, when in reality i just kinf of fed.

Anything else that ive miissed? Sorry about the long wall of text. hope it was readable.

Edit: and yeah im on a 6 Loss steak atm yay.


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