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What did I do wrong that caused me to throw this game? (Spectre)

Content of the article: "What did I do wrong that caused me to throw this game? (Spectre)"

Hi Learn Dota community – I recently played a Spectre game in which it felt like I was stomping until 30/40 minutes in, and then we ended up losing the game. I felt like this was one of those games where I could've/should've won but I threw. Could someone tell me what were the biggest mistakes I made this game that made me lose here? (if you could tell me what mmr you are currently at that would be very helpful too — any comments/suggestions or thoughts are welcome from any mmr!) I've added my own analysis below.

Challenges : One of the big challenges during this game was that whenever it seemed like my team was about to engage into a fight, I felt I had to hard commit and haunt in since then silencer would ult and by the time I can haunt in my team would probably be dead.

Observations and potential mistakes : • My last hits are lower than the enemy jug and my viper throughout various parts of the game. Is it normal for jug to have more last hits than spectre? I watched a bit of a replay with Ritsu as Spec vs. a jug and he seemed to have lower farm than the jug so I think this is okay. • My camera positioning isn't great early game and this is something I need to continue to work on (but I don't think this makes enough difference to have won me the game) • 6:55 – I need to get a salve as I engage in this fight. I have a tendency to win a skirmish in the laning phase but be low on health, forcing me to play scared and then fall behind on CS. (I should watch how pros prevent this from happening) • 25:53 – I don't see any of the enemy…going to farm in their side of the map is dangerous when I don't see anyone (however I'm fat enough that I don't die) • 33:19 – after taking tier 2 I should get back..viper isn't around (because he died) and I don't have my haunt (I think I was baited in by my Pango but I should just yell back and then back myself) • ~40 minutes – I die here – what should I have done instead here? • I thought I was more ahead than I actually was and so I went mkb. I probably should've went for skadi instead • 43:00 – I have no reason to go into their jungle…this is a throw

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