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What do you think is the worst ultimate in the game?

EDIT: I am suprised at the negative feedback on my post. I must have failed to get my point across. If every ultimate is equal in overall power then there will not be another balance patch for ultimates.

I mean worse ultimate in terms of it being weak. Considering its effect, mana cost and cooldown along with other niche mechanics. I am not trying to say any of these heroes a trash (although its probably no coincidence that most of these heroes have a low winrate). I believe for all the heroes I have listed, their viability has came from their basic skills being overtuned.

Axes culling blade is the worst ultimate in the game. While Axes culling blade is unique because its the only form of "execution" spell in the game, allowing him to kill certain heroes who can become unkillable for a short period of time (troll warlord, oracle, dazzle, abaddon etc) but when you consider the mana cost increase, cooldown if you miss and execution threshold this spell feels whack. I am confident you would rather have any other ultimate in the game.

honourable mentions for really bad ultimates:

Drow Rangers Marksmanship. Just stand next to her and she deals no damage, great carry design. I can't believe this mechanic still exists, this is a dota 1 era mechanic and I pray it gets removed in the next patch. I think the agi multiplier should be changed to agi to attack speed to keep drow as a glass cannon.

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Warlocks Chaotic Offering. 170s cooldown for a golem which can be quickly slain. The stun has a great AOE and cast range in addition to piercing BKB considering it goes through bkb but the golem is awful. I dont like that his aghs is a sidegrade.

Jakiros Marcopyre. It has come a long way from a small rectangle ultimate but this spell is still bad. This is a Dota 1 era ultimate. Its very underwhelming for the current version of the game.

Witch Doctor Death Ward. Very bad ultimate, its useful for 15-20 minutes maximum then it becomes useless after. Maledict is a broken spell, its so broken it makes Death Ward look like a useful spell.

-Spirit Breaker Nether Strike huge cast time, astronomical cooldown considering the spell is just a short range blink + bash + 250 magical damage. The shard makes his ultimate good but thats behind a 1400 gold paywall.

Leshrac Pulse Nova after level 1 the ultimates mana cost is extremely unsustainable. He feels really difficult to properly manage your mana with. The only real way to solve this heroes mana issues is with bloodstone, which a very greedy item to build. The hero is pickable because his other spells are good, especially diabloic edict which is an incredibly strong spell.

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Necrophos Reapers Sythce cooldown is through the roof.

Windrangers Focus Fire you need to farm alot of items for this ultimate to be effective. The damage reduction makes buying alot of damage items less effective then they should be. You are forced to go full glass cannon on windranger to be useful, making you really easy to kill. Even if you manage to get enough items to anyone, you can only focus fire one thing in a teamfight then you have to wait for your ultimate to be off cooldown to be useful again. Obviously you can still click people but any other carry in the game can quickly switch targets, WR is the only hero who can't do this effectively. When WR is more commonly played as a 4 hero then a mid/offlaner going damage items you know something is wrong with her ultimate.


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