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What farming item can be built on OD mid?

Content of the article: "What farming item can be built on OD mid?"

Since OD has absolutely no wave clear I was thinking about what items could be built to fix that depending on the gamestate.

After some thought the only items that I can think of is the following:



  • flash farming, with radiance burn, OD needs to hit most creeps only a single time before burn kills them.

  • extra damage doesn’t hurt but isn’t a necessity.

  • burn works while astralled, gives OD much wanted survivability, and disables blinks, and generally gives OD impact in fights even if he is out of attack range and impacting enemy heros that he isn’t hitting.

  • OD doesn’t need supplementary items to do damage while building radiance, can still tp and defend towers despite not having items.

Cons – expensive, since OD has no wave clear he is reliant on a very very good lane to get the item at a reasonable time.

  • saving for relic means not buying other items to remain strong, OD becomes really fragile until he gets radiance, although his dams he remains solid.

  • does not increase int, making orb and eclipse slightly weaker.



  • relatively cheap

  • since OD nearly kills every creep with a single attack, maelstrom proc is often enough to clear the camp or wave.


  • OD doesn’t want to build mjolnir or gleipnir, so the item slot becomes in efficient.

  • low attack speed means less maelstrom procs. This does not matter for clearing creeps because if ODs overwhelming damage on hitting each creep once, but makes the item near useless in fights.

  • the attack damage that maelstrom gives is useless on OD

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Meteor Hammer:


  • relatively cheap

  • clears creep waves just as easily as the other items but also pressures towers

  • mana cost to use does not matter

  • astral sets up a near guaranteed hammer stun.

  • all stats given are decent.


  • channeling to clear waves can be dangerous on OD as he has no inherent escape.

  • mana regen on the item is wasted.

  • doesn’t flash farm as the cooldown on hammer is long enough to not use in a creep wave and clear neutrals.

Conclusion: radiance seems best when the lane goes exceedingly well and the game is in hill mode.

Maelstrom is best when the laning stage goes even or better, but OD needs to be active earlier around the map, yet still wants to farm on his way to lanes and play somewhat greedy.

Meteor hammer is best when the laning stage goes bad or better, the team lacks tower push, and/or lack of single target disable and fighting. When OD isn’t playing greedy and needs to play with his team and making space.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Personally I have tried radiance after treads and solo carried that game. I need to use it more to see if it is consistent or not, but initial results are great for it.

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