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What I learned by playing Magic Build Juggernaut

Content of the article: "What I learned by playing Magic Build Juggernaut"

Let me start off with the build itself.

About 1-2 years ago people were trying builds with first item Radiance, then Manta, Ethereal, Shiva’s, Octarine. Even Miracle tried it.

However my build is adapted for this patch. It’s also optimized for a more active gameplay. You can get kills and push starting pretty early with your main powerspike at the 12-20 minutes time period. No need to farm Radiance for the whole early game.

The starting items vary a lot, depending on your support and your opponents on the lane. You can save some gold by buying less regen as you will be using your Healing Ward for that purpose.

Juggernaut has a very low manapool so buying mana regen is very important. You can even buy a Sage Mask with your starting gold. If not with starting gold, you should still buy it as fast as you can.

Null Talisman (buy at least one component at the start) also helps a lot, as every bit of intelligence increases the manapool greatly to heroes like Juggernaut. Buy Brown Boots faster than your opponents and buy it even earlier if your opponents’ base movement speed is higher than yours. A cheaper option is buying an Orb of Venom. I buy both eventually.

Another early game items are Ring of Basillus and Phase Boots. You may buy Basilius as early as minute 3, before Boots, Null Talisman etc. As I said, it depends on the lane. To sum up, in the first several minutes you should get Null, Basilius, OoV and Boots which you build into Phase Boots.

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Regarding skill build: you should obviously max Blade Fury. You also get Healing Ward at least to level 2. Only then you get Blade Dance (crits) or you more levels in Healing Ward. You get ult when available.

On laning stage you use Blade Fury to get kills and don’t forget to trade a lot and then use your Healing Ward. Ring of Basilius and Null Talisman allow you to use your abilities very often and, by the way, Blade Fury’s manacost decreases as you level it up.

After you get your earlygame items, you build Veil of Discord out of the Basilius. You can build Veil before Phase Boots. Veil allows you to deal fatal amounts of damage so you can even solo-kill lots of heroes just for getting close to you.

After that, the build is pretty versatile. I normally get Kaya&Yasha to further increase my magic damage, manapool and make me faster so I can use Blade Fury to its fullest. However, build Manta if there are silences, as you’re heavily dependent on your abilities both for damage and survival.

After that you either go all-in with magic and build an Ethereal Blade (for obvious benefits; btw use Q and self-cast Ethereal to become invulnerable as physical damage can sometimes punish Jugg for going magic build). Or you go Maelstrom into Mjolnir as they both deal magic damage and compliment your ult.

I won’t go into late-game items as anything can be viable. Sometimes you may want a BKB (you mostly use Q to attack), other times you may want to build Shiva’s for armor and magic damage, or you may go standard Juggernaut items and transition into a classic agility carry, which won’t be hard with the midgame advantage you should get with the magic build, compared to the passive jugle-farming physical build. By the way, at level 7 Blade Fury costs only 90 mana and deals lots of damage so it’s really great for farming creeps too.

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Talents. At lvl 10 you may get either but I like stacking movement speed, especially as both Yasha and Phase Boots increase it based on percentages, so I choose +20ms over +5 stats.

At lvl 15 you should definitely get +100 Blade Fury movement speed, as it’s a huge amount and allows you to escape really easy. Don’t use Phases during Blade Fury though (unless you need to move through units) as you will reach movement speed can so Phases won’t be used to their full potential.

Lvl 20 talent gives you +140 Blade Fury dps so you should obviously take it.

Now, back to the title of this post and the main question: what did I learn by playing Magic Build Juggernaut?

It sucks.


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