Dota 2

What if John Wick was a Dota 2 Hero – A Hero concept

An agility ranged hero


Q – German Magazines

Passive ➝ Changes Jonathan's Auto attack from 1 shot at a time to multiple shots at a Random high attack speed , however requires a reload after each magazine is out of ammo. if the mag is empty and reload doesn't happen Jonathan will go back to shooting 1 bullet at a time.

Mag capacity 5/8/12/15

Reload Time 1.7/1.5/1/0.7

Min extra Attack Speed 100/150/200/300

Max extra Attack Speed 150/225/300/450

Active (Channeling) ➝ Reload: reloads the mag to full ammo

Note: Hero needs to fully stop while reloading

reload requires mana 40/60/80/100

W – Tactical Suit

Passive ➝ Provides extra Armor and Movement Speed

Extra Armor 2/4/6/8

Extra Movement Speed 5/15/25/40

E – Man Of Focus

Passive ➝ Allows Jonathan to Attack without needing to stop , however slows him down while attacking

Slow 80% / 50% / 20% / 0%

R – Puppy

Passive ➝ Summons Jonathon's dog.

The dog is a melee attacker with a 20 damage 200 health and his attacks slow enemy by 50%.

while the puppy is alive the tactical suit becomes an aura giving extra movement speed and armor to allies.

If the puppy gets killed by an enemy hero Jonathan goes into a rage mode Giving him extra damage towards the hero that killed him.

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if the unit killing the puppy is an enemy hero he will be marked and visible in the map ( similar to bh's track).

The mark and the rage will go away if puppy re-spawns or the marked enemy hero dies.

Rage Damage 150% / 200% / 250%

puppy re-spawns automatically some time after its death , if Jonathan dies and re-spawns or the marked hero is killed.

puppy down time 35/25/15

Scepter – Armor Piercing Rounds

Applies an Armor Debuff to enemy units in a radius

Negative Armor 2/4/6/8 (Based On Tactical Suit level)


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