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What is wrong with my play style?

Content of the article: "What is wrong with my play style?"

Hi all,

I'm a falling MMR Crusader V/IV player, with a level 25 mid ember (yea…probably lowest MMR level 25 ember =D).

So, obviously, I'm most mechanically comfortable with Ember since I spam it so much, but my winrate is pretty abysmal, I'm guessing 33%-40%. I don't get "destroyed" in lane often, even when facing smurfs. I shove in the mid lane, try to fast jungle, and then come back to the lane for creeps. I contest for runes, and maybe gank once I get a power rune (but it seems like in this meta most of the time it's not worth it, might be better to use power runes to flash farm even harder.) BUT, with that said, my win rate sucks. So, I try a new hero.

I've been getting 75%-80% winrate on Luna mid. Mechanically, obviously I'm not as comfortable, but I play pretty much the same style as I do with ember. But Luna farms a lot faster, and I feel like Luna deletes heroes quickly. Whereas ember, I feel like i can't burst anyone down. Yes, flame guard is strong, but I lose immediately if a support comes help the enemy hero, whereas Luna I can more often than not 1v2.

My question is, what am I doing wrong with my ember? With Luna, at high level, I can spam a 400 damage nuke every 2.5 seconds. Whereas with Ember, if my team doesn't commit, I can only spam my Sleight of Fist every 6 seconds and it barely tickles enemy front lines. And if I try to jump their backline before I get bkb, I just get disabled to death and nuked down. And if I get BKB as my 2nd item, I lack the damage to even kill the backline before they shift their focus on me. The other day I was playing against medusa, void, slardar, kotl, and skywrath. I was able to shut down medusa mid and push t1 down fast and successfully hunt her down in her jungle. But, as I expected, void and medusa just kept farming and at minute 20 come out and killed my team. I had to build eul for skywrath, and then maelstrom, and then bkb, but by that time (25ish minute) they were already knocking at my T3. I felt so powerless. My sleight of fights doesn't do shit to medusa, I can't burst down sky/kotl without slardar coming in and right click me to death.

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TL;DR: How come I'm doing better with a new hero I don't spam versus my level 25 mid ember? I feel so much more powerful with Luna than ember which I spam.


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