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What I’ve Learned Climbing from Crusader to Divine

Content of the article: "What I’ve Learned Climbing from Crusader to Divine"

I recently reached Divine I and I foolishly think that might be a position where people might value my thoughts on climbing out of 'the trench'

Here's my dotabuff for skeptics:

Some background: I played HoN for a long time pre 2013, reaching the 98th percentile in that (which is more or less Divine in dota2, I think?), and played dota2 a little bit around 2013 but not much (I hated it at the time!). Having played hon helped in some ways and hindered in others.

I started playing dota2 more in mid 2019. Dived into ranked and I calibrated in Crusader. 1.5 years later I've just recently hit Divine I, and I imagine the crawl to immortal will be slow so I thought I'd make this post while I feel helpful!

This is essentially just some ramblings about things that have worked for me and might work for you, probably very nonspecific. I'm also happy to answer any questions!

  • Understand when your hero is stronger than the other team.

Too often I see people buy the item that wins them the game then use it to farm while the other team farms their win condition. When one team has their win condition and the other team doesn't, the game is easy – when both teams hit important timings the game becomes hard, so rally the boys, press the advantage when you have it and END THE GAME.

  • Be the playmaker, and play heroes that forgive your team for not being as megabrain as you.
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If you're in 'the trench', your team probably sucks (you and the other team too!). Since everyone is bad, people tend to start bad fights or be so slow to react to good fights that they turn into bad ones. One way you can help deal with this is by A. being the hero who decides when fights start (the initiator) and B. being a hero who takes a little while to kill, so your team can react to you making the plays.

  • Give your team the benefit of the doubt.

They probably want to win too. If people are rude / flamey just shrug your shoulders, mute them and play your game. Sometimes people will straight up ACTUALLY grief the game (and no I don't mean dumb picks and/or playing the wrong role) and there's nothing you can do about that but it's a rarity if you're not a dick to begin with.

  • Use a mic to coordinate!

If you can. A positive attitude shot-calling can win hard games. Just be conscious of trying to call shots over someone else who won't have a bar of it. Too many cooks and all that. It's usually better to do the wrong thing as a team than to have two different teams doing their own 'right' thing on different planets – so even if you're right (and of course you ALWAYS are!) know when to let it slide and go with the team.

  • Learn every role.
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I think, unless you're a pro (like, actually getting paid for this hootz) you will get more out of learning every role than from getting great at just one. I can play every role competently and it helps because I understand what my team is doing, why they're doing it, and what I can do to help them. It'll help you not tilt, and it helps you help them.

Hopefully some of this wholistic voodoo crystal chakra advice helps some of you. Also just a tip, sometimes people suck at every MMR so don't idolize that end goal too much!

P.S I've found BSJ's content really helpful for understanding dota2 fundamentals so I wholeheartedly recommend those if anything I've said doesn't make sense or you just generally wanna git gud.

See y'all at Immortal!


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