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What makes Spectre such a hard carry?

Content of the article: "What makes Spectre such a hard carry?"

I have at least 4k hours in Dota 2 but this question still boggles my mind.

Because, it is quite clear what makes heroes like Medusa, AM, pre-rework Void such hard carry but the exact reason on spec is so illusive.

Especially because when you look at her abilities, nothing except Dispersion sounds like hard carry material. But just 22% in Dispersion is what makes all the difference between her being one of the hardest carry in the game and not any other carry like Drow and Jugg? This question boggles my mind.

Dusa's Math is quite clear, her mana shield makes her unkillable while her split shot wrecks team. But just 22% dispersion makes Spectre a hero to be considered as hard carry as Medusa? Dusa's Math scream late game

But, WHAT IS THE MATH on spectre that makes her if not the hardest carry one of the hardest carries in the game?

I have gone through countless similar questions in this subreddit but have not found a clear Math in most of them. The answers varies such as

  1. Some say her haunt make it so that she can farm 99% of the time and just come to team fights.

  2. How Haunt clears back-lines late game.

  3. How items are good on her. But items are good on any hero.

  4. How buybacks are good on her.

  5. How you can do extra pure damage. Desolate, somehow? (if so, how the hell is a semi-reliable 65 damage steroid relevant late game?)

  6. How illusions gain radiance, stats and agilities. But there are other better illusion heroes.

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And so on.

The only satisfacrory answer I have come accross in terms of innate abilities' build in Math that makes her a hard carry is this:

1.Dispersion makes Spectre take 22% less damage from all sources. This actually gives her 28% more HP, not 22% HP, because of the way percents work. You have to do 28% more damage to do the same amount of damage to her after removal. This means that items that give Spectre HP give her 28% more health then what they say on them.ITEMS THAT GIVE SPECTRE HP EFFECTIVELY GIVE SPECTRE AOE DAMAGE AS HP REMOVAL

Dispersion alone feels like the sole Hard-Carry ability and other abilities Dagger, Desolate and Haunt are icing on top.

But its just 22%. Even Centaur returns more damage. What is the math that makes Spectre as hard carry as Medusa? My mind is fucking boggled.


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