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What Mongol Battle Tactics tell us about lost Teamfights.

Content of the article: "What Mongol Battle Tactics tell us about lost Teamfights."

I recently noticed, while watching a documentary about the mongol empire, an interesting parallel between the their tactics and Fighting in Dota 2. The most famous tactic of the mounted mongols was to engage the enemy in battle, feign a retreat and then crush the opposing cavalery when they are far away from their infantery. Afterwards the infantery also gets cleaned up without the support of their cavalery. It is a variant of "defeat in deatail" which means that in order to win a battle, you want to have the superior position in every individual skirmish. Splitting up the enemy while remaining unified yourself is a good tactic towards this end (another tactic you might know is ganking, where you also usually have the numbers). But what does that have to do with dota? Quite a lot actually. What i often notice in teamfights is the following: (Undisciplined/low mmr) carries and mobile heroes tend to charge forward recklessly when seeing a kill (often called tunnelvision). If your team is made up in part of mobile and imobile heroes, this can cause huge problems. For example if your team contains (from 1 to 5) Phantom Assassin, Storm, Underlord, ogre and crystal maiden. The optimal tactic would be for ogre and underlord to provide a strong frontline to protect cm and pa, while storm can use his mobility to help out wherever he can. Way too often though i see this: one enemy is seemingly out of position. Storm and PA jump him. The Target then gets forcestaffed, glimmered or we on very low hp and retreats into the bulk of their team. Storm and PA get killed, sometimes 1200 Units or more away from Underlord and the rest (we assume no blink daggers here, but that is why that item is so strong). Afterwards, ogre cm and underlord are usually outnumbered 5 to 3 or 4 to 3, depending if storm and pa got the kill. This to me Is standard Mongol Tactics. People need to stop falling for it. I advise everybody to be more aware of the Mobility of their Teammates. Just because your initiation range is 5000 Units (Storm) Doesnt mean you should Use that range if it means being seperated from your team. I am pretty sure that the better players are allready well aware of this, but maybe this can help some of you to better fight with your team.

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