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What role do I play?

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Hi, I am relatively new to DOTA. I have close to 400 hours so I am not super experienced and a few of that time was played in bot matches and learning how to play. Even at 400 hours, I am still not even close to being a good player, I'll have stints where I am doing well but then there are times where I have no confidence in playing then I just break down and become terrible at the game.

I have been playing for a few months, mostly with friends in basically every role and I just can't seem to find what role suits me best. For the majority of the time spent in games, I have been playing as a support, either as a Position 4 or 5. It went well, I felt like I was doing okay because I was setting up kills and assisting where I could but my friend told me I am not good at support. He said (and he is right) that during phases where my carries are farming and there are no team fights I wasn't doing anything. I took that into consideration and I did go around warding upon other things but I was told support wasn't for me.

I then tried Offlane. At first I found offlane quite fun, some good hereos that have great team fight spells and I felt like I was doing really well, I even got my first MVP as a offlaner! But I felt that I wasn't very present in a lot of games, wasn't using my spells correctly and I just wasn't enjoying it.

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Now I am up to safelane. I only just started this but I just don't know if I enjoy it, and again my presence in team fights just doesn't seem that big and I am scared of just going in and right clicking.

So I am unsure if safelane is for me as I am too scared, I feel like I can't do a lot personally as an offlaner and I have been told I am just not a support player. I have tried midlane briefly, my favourite hero to play is Puck and obviously they are a mid hero but I like to play her as a offlane/pos 4 and I have been doing sort of well with that.

I just want to find the right role for me where I can be present, do really well, have an impact on the game and obviously enjoy doing it. I've been told that I shouldn't play ranked and my friends are not wanting to play ranked with me because I am "not experienced enough" and I "need to find the best position" which I kind of get. So I am hoping I can get some sort of explanation as to what would suit me best and just how to get better at the game as I seem a bit clueless sometimes. Thanks!


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