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What to do against lots of blink disablers

Content of the article: "What to do against lots of blink disablers"

Had a game as Nature's Prophet mid against a Lion, Pudge, Earthshaker, Windranger, PA in order of farm priority.

Lion,Pudge,Earthshaker eventually got blinks.

As a Prophet the moment Lion blinks in and hexes you, you're most likely going to get chainstunned and die before you can even activate BKB. Or if Earthshaker echo slams on top of you. Even if you see Windranger windrunning at you, you have a split second to decide if you want to waste your BKB, or else you may get shackled and killed.

Not to mention, I felt like I needed to buy so many other items. Eventually I went Orchid->Blademail->AC->Bloodthorn. Blademail felt like a bad purchase in hindsight since I was constantly being blink-chainstunned to death before I could even activate blademail. I got AC because what's the point of getting BKB if PA can just kill me in 3 hits? And Bloodthorn because it has insane value against PA and Wind.

We won the game in the end after a single teamfight turned into t3s->t4s->throne.

But I'm still not sure if I should have gone BKB in this game. I feel like the enemy team have ways to many ways to counter my BKB, such as Windranger ulting me if I tp into backlines, or PA getting abyssal at 30 minutes, or even a Pudge ulti, or Pudge seeing my tp animation and preparing a hook, so I guess the tp-backlines-pressbkb-kill strategy is a horrible gameplan here? Should I have just gone for a split push build?

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I'm not posting dotabuff because I don't want people to review the game and point out unrelated mistakes which I know I have. I want to focus on how higher level players would deal with playing against multiple heroes who can chainstun you before you can press bkb.

Edit: my team was grimstroke earthspirit wk np drow in order from pos 5 to 1


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