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What to do as a safelane when you lose lane and team is griefing? Match analysis.

Content of the article: "What to do as a safelane when you lose lane and team is griefing? Match analysis."

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I can't get this game out of my head because I know we could've won. I died a lot early which I know is bad. I usually play 5 but only qued as safelane because that's what the matchmaking chose. I played PA with an Ogre support (kind of) and I was against an Axe and Lina.

In lane, my ogre was very aggressive trying to pressure out the Axe. He stood in lane while I was LH and contested some of my farm. He didn't pull to my knowledge (which was harder since Axe was cutting our lane). However, the Lina was the biggest issue for me.

After our safelane tier one fell I told ogre to leave so I could farm. And he was honestly just greifing me really hard for LH and trying to get me to initiate into fights while already underfarmed.

I focused on getting caught up with items before I started fighting. I went Deso, Bkb, skull basher, satanic. I went Bkb because the enemy team had a lot of stuns. And Deso because I knew it would help me to pop their squishy heroes.

For the most part, I was blamed for losing the game because I died too much. My team would initiate on fights and I was too far away farming to join. By the time I would get there, my team had expended all their spells. I would jump in and secure a kill and my team would retreat as I died. My teammates hard committed to almost every fight EXCEPT when they thought I would get a kill (which is why it's called griefing).

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At one point, I muted my team because they were distracting me from farming and watching the mini-map. But in low level brackets I understand that simply communicating puts you at a greater advantage which is why I avoid muting if I can.

I quit DotA for about six months last year. And when I came back my MMR tanked. In all honesty, I play 5 better than just about anyone in my skill. I've gained 300mmr this week with CM and Zeus (usually one to two ranked games a day) and they're stomps. Pulling creeps has helped me to gain so much MMR. Every game I pull consistently I notice my carry is always 1 to 2 levels higher than the offlaner.

But I'm still at a loss in DotA on how to handle toxic behavior. Most times I just mentally quit because Karma is a bitch. If my team thinks they don't need me. I just fall off the map (this is griefing too). In this match I thought, "I'll regain this MMR in a day playing 5." And I just chopped it up as a learning experience. Plus I wasn't even enjoying the game after being flamed by my entire team.

That being said I did still try to contribute by pushing side waves. Could you please analysis my entire team and how we could have better picked or responded to win.


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