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Where to Watch Pros for Each Position

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I recently switched to a new position and was looking to pick up some habits from pro players by watching their perspective during pubs, official games, etc. I ended up finding a fair few and figured it wouldn't be that hard to put together a list of pro players for each position. They obviously don't play their position every match but it's been helpful for me so far.

It's probably not 100% complete, I was looking for English speaking pros who had streamed at least once in the past month. If you know any I missed just let me know and I can add them.

Hard Carry

Player Team Links
Sammyboy 4 Zoomers Twitch
Nikobaby Alliance Twitch
Moo Business Associates Twitch
Arteezy Evil Geniuses Twitch
miCKe Team Liquid Twitch
MidOne OG Twitch
EternalEnvy Unsigned Twitch
Mason Personality/Unsigned Twitch
BSJ Personality/Unsigned Twitch YouTube


Player Team Links
Gunnar 4 Zoomers Twitch
Topson OG Twitch YouTube
qojqva Team Liquid Twitch
W33 Team Nigma Twitch
Quinn Quincy Crew Twitch
dnm Unsigned Twitch


Player Team Links
monkeys-forever 4 Zoomers Twitch
Xibbe 5 Men Twitch
s4 Alliance Twitch
KheZu Cr4zy Twitch
RAMZES666 Evil Geniuses Twitch
Ceb OG Twitch
Boxi Team Liquid Twitch
zai Team Secret Twitch
Brax Team Zero Twitch
Lelis Quincy Crew Twitch
Jenkins Personality/Unsigned Twitch YouTube

Soft Support

Player Team Links
Handsken Alliance Twitch
Cr1t Evil Geniuses Twitch
Saksa OG Twitch
Taiga Team Liquid Twitch
Yapz0r Team Secret Twitch
1437 Team Zero Twitch YouTube
Aramis Twitch
MSS Quincy Crew Twitch
Sneyking Unsigned Twitch
jubei Unsigned Twitch
febby Coach Twitch
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Hard Support

Player Team Links
iannihilate 4 Zoomers Twitch
Aui_2000 Cr4zy Twitch YouTube
fly Evil Geniuses Twitch
N0Tail OG Twitch YouTube
iNSaNiA Team Liquid Twitch
Seleri Twitch
ppd Retired/Unsigned Twitch
save Unsigned Twitch
dubu Coach Twitch

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