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Why can people still ruin games in 2020?

Content of the article: "Why can people still ruin games in 2020?"

Load up the game queue, mid tier divine searching only pos 1 so queue takes like 15 minutes or so.

Finally get a game, load in, excited to play. First round instapick mid pudge.

Get a little nervous. "Why mid pudge? Why first pick" I ask. "Fuck you" is the response. Nice.

Send him a role report, since hes refusing to communicate and is very likely to grief from my experience. Picks finish, we load into game. Everyone runs to their lanes ready to contest runes. Pudge is afk. We lose a rune because enemy mid helps contest. He misses block and starts lane in a super crappy spot.

Lanes going meh. Our draft is hot garbage, we are very likely going to lose regardless of pudge. He gets solo killed by enemy mid.

And he dies over and over again.

Finally, at 10 minutes he buysback, destroys items and abandons. The rest of us leave since game is over.

Load back into main menu, and want to report the ruiner:

Game ends at 12 minutes.

3 minutes shorter than my queue length.

Free -30 mmr loss.

1 role token loss.

40 wasted minutes.

All because of one psycopath asshole. Youre killing your own game valve.


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