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Winning at Dota Psychologically.

As someone with absolutely shitbox mechanical skill, I've experimented with other ways to win games. Supports built into carries, playing offlane and feeding my ass off so that my carry can freefarm etc. But the most consistent and easiest one to do is psychological warfare. But keep in mind that it's also evil.

Dota 2 is a game where you're thrown in with 4 people you've likely never met. At the very start of the game, tensions will already be high as everyone tries to assess their teammates. Now, if you can make these tensions even worse, you increase your chances of winning the game. Here's a few ways on doing that.

1) Kill someone and tip someone else. Preferably the guy furthest from a fight. Tipping the dead guy might be more euphoric, but tipping someone else is likely to get these 2 people to dislike each other.

2) All chatting and telling a particular opponent that they're really good, and it's sad that they have to play with their teammates. Bonus props if you send them a friend request mid game.

3) My magnum opus. Smoking into their jungle and blocking all of their camps with sentries, and then tipping the pos4 shortly after. Carry players hate communicating while farming. They're just focused on how to most ideally hit creeps and turn that farm into a power spike yada yada. Them having to ask a support to deward their blocked camps already bothers them, but it goes a step further. They start doubting their support. "How did this even happen? Did you even try to stack a camp you walking observer ward? These camps should've been dewarded a long time ago." If you're lucky, the carry will express those emotions vocally. As for the support, he's pissed that he now has to spend cash on sentries. And every mistake the carry makes past that makes him even more tilted. "I wasted my money for this? I could've bought a force or aghs.". This tilt is likely to spread further if the 5 tells his 4 to help him deward, and in typical pos4 fashion, he tells the guy to fuck off and die.

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Now. Everything isn't just about tiling your teammates. You also need to guide your own players. The easiest guy to get on your side, and the most valuable is the 3. Buy him salves. Suck his dick a bit. Tell him that that death where he walked into tower range to last hit was all your fault. Complement every mediocre kill, or deny. "This carry is crying bro. How could you do this to him?" And now you have a yes man who will back you up in everything you say. Don't talk too much though.

Next is the mid laner. For them, you have to appeal to their sense of decency. And by that, I mean that you have to convince him that you're going to feed him a rampage if he follows you. Because all mid players want is twitch highlight clips, and to be worshipped as a god. "Nice item choice dude. Let's show them what you've got." "Damn, I wish all my players were this good.". Now he's more likely to join you in fights, just to keep getting praise.

Convincing the 4 to follow you as a 5 or vice versa is almost impossible. Give up on that. He either follows you after seeing the cores doing so, or he's doing weird midas shit. In the case of the latter, don't point it out. Let him. He'll be useful later as a scapegoat for horrible shotcalling.

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If everything above succeeded, you shouldn't have to manipulate your carry, but if it didn't, or if he's also doing some weird need 4000 gold for moon shard shit, you might have to resort to drastic measures. Positive reinforcement doesn't work on carries. In their mind, they played flawlessly. You have to question his dedication and make him doubt himself. The simplest way is innocently asking what a particular item does (not in this game, but in general). He's likely to queue a bkb as soon as he can't describe a logical situation for his choice. If he's not joining in teamfights, casually mention to someone else (preferably the scapegoat support) that you don't think jugg can carry this game, and that the scapegoat should build damage to compensate. Jugg will run at the enemies almost immediately.

Oh, and never flame people for playing bad. Human decency. Shit happens. Never curse, and if someone is tilted, or flaming someone else, try to de-escalate the situation by mentioning that you all have a common goal and that this game is indeed winnable. Queueing shadow amulet as you say this and pinging it also works as a good threat, but it might also make people grief so be careful with that.

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Have fun. You're likely to get communication banned after a while though.


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