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With each new update, Dota’s performance gets even worse and worse

Content of the article: "With each new update, Dota’s performance gets even worse and worse"

I work as a developer so there are quite a few things that are bothering me about a game on the level as this one.

The current state of Dota is something comparable to my preproduction projects before testing. Every new update brings another bug fest with it and it feels like someone in Valve takes one of those PCs they custom made for TI main stage games for pros to use and if everything runs smoothly on it, everything is good like how I would do it on my work PC before letting a tester on a weaker machine try it. "Dude, it lags even when I scroll" "Dude, it worked perfectly fine on my new work PC".

My PC is neither good nor bad. When the BP just dropped I had to write a script to remove all BP videos from Dota folders (because of the constant updates that never solved the problem but would redownload the videos) to just use Dota. I had to use Reddit to see where the problem was and fix it myself.

Then I had a problem where whenever I would turn on Dota, I would get a recommendation to switch to either dx9 (I believe) to improve my performance for which whenever you would accept their recommendation you would be looped back to the same thing to press the same button to do nothing. I had to use a wikia to find out that I could set up launch options (changing ingame did nothing), has not bothered me since, another fix that I had to do myself.

Then I noticed my Dota taking quite a bit more than the usual to start up. Luckily, someone complained on Reddit earlier about it and I got to fix another problem by setting launch options with noprewarm.

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Those are the most obvious ones (tons smaller ones like 1-sec long alt-tabbing, random 90% CPU spikes, chats not being useable after a single minute,…) but since the BP dropped, I had to both pay for their services and find the fixes because the problems would persist for days and even weeks (imagine being a casual user who does not visit Reddit). Patch upon patch and even patches like prewarmup that would ruin the experience for people who did not even need it.

COVID is just an excuse, could work from home and save up time on commute/work whenever I wanted, updates on stuff through emails from bosses that would not take unnecessary meetings,… Some devs and areas may be less productive but not to the point where the project completely ruins the whole experience where 3 months into the BP I still get random 90% CPU spikes from being idle.


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