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Zai Offlane Silencer

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This is some thing I've seen a few times recently which I found interesting, particularly the item build. After looking at DotA2ProTracker, Moo has also been doing something similar.

Basically the build is 2x Wraith Bands, Wand, Phase, then Rush Aghs. You end up fighting absolutely non stop, and accumulating a huge amount of int, on top of bullying your lane hard. When you get Aghs, the AOE Last Word is pretty hard to deal with when you are walking about with maybe 30+ permanent int and 30+ stolen from hits multiplying the damage.

The Wraith Band and Phase threw me off at first because it seemed counter intuitive for a hero that wants to stack int. But the 10 AS from Wraith Bands ends up making a huge difference in Glaive spam, and the ~8 early armor on the cheap items stops people from right click trading while he spams Glaives.

There are a few variations in the builds I've looked at. They also did Treads, 2x Wraith Bands, and Blademail. Similar armor idea and Silencer can use the blademail active well for early fighting similar to how QoP or Ember did. They often would rush Aghs, but I think that's kind of the snowball item, if you need utility they would put it off.

Just thought this was an interesting concept, as most people are used to 5 force/glimmer, or 2 Midas builds. I think the 3 position fits really well with how Silencer likes to get some farm, but farms pretty slow and usually wants to just end up fighting a lot. Getting jumped as a 1 or 2 Silencer feels really bad, but as a 3 a death doesn't feel as important especially if you get off global, and you make a lot of space with his early fighting. I think Wraith Band makes a lot of sense over Null for fighting stats on Silencer too.

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Obviously doesn't line up with more traditional initiating or front lining 3's you see in pubs, but it seemed effective. I think Silencer is a bit of a sleeper right now, he's received a lot of buffs and I think the Aghs and 30 Arcane Curse damage talent at 15 in particular are a lot stronger than they get credit for.


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