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Zeus pickers why??

Why you pick zeus against techies??? Seriously I played both against each other and I have a better winrate as techies myself I just want to know what makes you guys pick zeus specially the mid zeus pickers, I don't have any problem dealing with the pos4-5 zeus but why mid??? I just want to know what goes inside someone's head when he thinks zeus is a good pick, a passive mid laner who doesn't necessarily makes space for his team.

So we all know that zeus be it core or sup needs farm to contribute to team i get it even a aether lens is big on sup zeus but there are many more heroes that offer more utility as generally sups are picked for their utility and zeus kit as just damage and a ministun, what makes me happy seeing zeus is when the enemy either has 1-2 ranged heroes other than zeus be it a sup or core (preferably a core other than the sniper) as the all know force staff trick is what you do to either slow down or stop a tower push specially when there are multiple heroes from each side.

Don't you mid zeus pickers feel bad when you give vision and the support or even worse a core is forced staffed into mines??? Like the only reason they died is because they were facing the mines to clear a remote mine stack like how selfish can you be to just feed free kill and not feel anything about it, well if you didn't played a utility pos2 that makes sense but even then you zeus players are not safe from techies, if you are a mid zeus you farm with Q not the W which means if I smoked and stacked some mines on a camp you will probably die to it not to mention the mine stacks directly in front of enemy tower who even suspect it?? Unless someone died to it earlier, on top of that when farming camps zeus has mana issues without some items (and nulls are not gonna cut it) would you really use lightning bolt to check if i warded somewhere??? Probably not and by asking the supports to come around for help my team gets a easier time around the map.

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I had a game where i didn't do well in lane as I laned with dark seer and he needed xp and after hitting 6 i just smoked and went to mine 3 camps which surprisingly i killed zeus in 2 of them and forced the hard support to chase me that one decision made dark seer's game a bit easier and he was recovering on top of that since zeus and cm were busy chasing me mid tower and the enemy safe lane tower took so much damage in that time.

The best part about playing against zeus is that they never expect you to do the same thing over and over again they try to deward and look for mines, just wait a couple minutes and go mine the same place if they put wards in the jungle that's a win for me as it means less vision around towers and offensive vision as farming camps on techies is way faster compared to many other supports.

In the end i think there is no good zeus players it's just that they are mechanically good players but there are good techies players and when i play against zeus i just can't overestimate the player but when i play against techies i overestimate them until i figure their play style since playing a game with techies in it is playing 6D chess.

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Now whenever i see a zeus picked i instantly pick techies even if i was going to play some other heroes or roles just to rub it on the zeus face.


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