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0 strength character

>Be me. Bored as SHIT with no new character ideas

>"What if i make a character with 0 in a stat?" I ask myself in the bathtub

>"Delightfully devilish Sarah" I respond as i sink down in the water, giggling out bubbles.

>Be not me

>Great chef and GF (She made some kebabs in naan bread for us <3 i used too much garlic sauce apparently, i told her there was no such thing as "too much garlic sauce")

>Barbarian player… who always play barbarian, has really found his calling in life…

>Some person that thought our group was normal. They played a thievi'n Tiefling.

>Campaign starts

>Be Tiefling

>Walk in to a guild hall and spot an odd sight.

>A huge muscular dark-green skinned beast of an Ork with a thin, anemic and un-moving elf on his back. Elf is laying over his shoulder and is barely able to chew and drink the food that the Ork is offering it.

>Tiefling player lets out a "This will be… interesting"

>Walk up to the odd couple "How goes it, fellow adventurers!"

>Ork looks at you and kicks his shoulder up to alert the Elf that someone nearby.

>Anemic elf looks up "Salutation my good… Sir?… Madam? I can never tell with your species! please excuse my ignorance. My brutish friend here doesn't speak Common so he won't say much, not that i think he'd say much even if he knew what we were saying!"

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>Be Barbarian Ork

>… beer… meat… thin man… talk… boring… eat.

>Be Tiefling

>" So why are you so thin… and with an Ork who doesn't speak?"

>Anemic elf takes a drink of water… it takes a while… "Oh, he found me and i helped him defeat a basilisk! and ever since we've been friends!"

>Look weirdly at elf "how? you don't seem to be able to move…"

>Elf looks back triumphantly "I was his club!" *Laughs in 20 Constitution*

>"So he beat the basilisk to death… with you?" you ask

>"Yes, I cast fireball when he hits something and everything dies! it works very well"

>Think this story is BS and invite them to join your quest so you can see if its true or not.

>Elf agrees and does some weird hand signals to the ork

>Ork chugs the last of the beer and joins you for battle.

>You see that the ork only has the elf on his back… no club… no sword.

>It can't be true… can it?

>Character lasted about 3 sessions and died when the Ork used him as a javelin against a dragon. (An elven skull is NOT sharp enough to pierce dragon hide apparently)

>Sill killed the dragon though! Woot Wooooot!

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