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100+ Playtesters Wanted! 20 one shots from Oct 11-Oct 18! DMs provided! US, European, and Asian time zones!

Content of the article: "100+ Playtesters Wanted! 20 one shots from Oct 11-Oct 18! DMs provided! US, European, and Asian time zones!"

Tasha’s Crucible of Everything Else is a massive, two volume collaboration of over 25 DMs Guild creators, led by QL Games, that expands the options for players and dungeon masters presented in the DND core rulebooks and supplements. It will be released on November 17 on the DMs Guild, and we need help playtesting our content!

Featuring content like…

  • Artificer: Effigist
  • Barbarian: Cosmic Juggernaut
  • Druid: Dragonfriend
  • Fighter: Phoenix Knight
  • Monk: Four Elements Remastered
  • Ranger: Bog Phantom
  • Warlock: The Creeping Vine
  • Wizard: School of Demonology
  • Races: anthropomorphic goats, survivors of magical catastrophes, rogue modrons…
  • And much, much more!

Here’s how to become a QL Games playtester in 10 simple steps:

Step 1.) Look at the schedule for our groups


The schedule includes the Pacific (US), Eastern (US), Central Europe, and Japan/South Korea time zones. You can also find the schedule here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dBMdpbBHI9s3hHvu8_EZtANA1u8nCwaLbu_PcL809oM/edit?usp=sharing

There are 20 groups. Nine (in blue) will be running Blue Alley, and Adventurer’s League 3-4 hour adventure for 3rd level characters set in Waterdeep. Nine (in yellow) will be running Lord Bucket, an Adventurer’s League 3-4 hour adventure for 9th level characters set in Eberron. Two (in purple) will begin the last floor of Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, for 18th level characters, and will stop after about 3-4 hours of play.

Step 2.) Decide how many times you’d like to play.

You can play in any number of the groups, subject to availability. In the application form (link below), you’ll be asked how many groups you’d like to play in (up to 3). You will be invited by email to anywhere between 1 and how-many-you-said-you’d-like-to-play-in groups.

Step 3.) Decide which groups you have time and interest for.

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In the application form (link below) you’ll be asked which groups you’re interested in that fit into your schedule. When you’re invited to groups (step 2 determines the maximum amount of how many you can be invited to), you’ll only be invited to groups you mark.


The second image lists the groups by adventure and platform. You can also see the list of the groups here (scroll to the right): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dBMdpbBHI9s3hHvu8_EZtANA1u8nCwaLbu_PcL809oM/edit?usp=sharing

Step 4.) Make sure you have a functioning email address and Discord account, and maybe also Roll20 account.

You’ll be asked for your contact information in the application form (link below). If we can’t contact you, we can’t invite you to play! If you sign up for any of the Blue Alley (3rd level) adventures, you’ll need to have a Roll20 account too.

Step 5.) Tell us what some of your favorite classes are to play.

You’ll be given a pregenerated character to play as for each group you play in, and this will help us know what kind of character to give you. If you play in multiple groups, expect to play a different character each time. The pregenerated character will have a race and/or subclass from Tasha’s Crucible of Everything Else.

Step 6.) Submit as soon as conveniently possible!

Then submit the application! Applications are reviewed by hand, so it may take some time to get back to you. Please submit your application at least 48 hours before the start of the group(s) you want to play in, or else we might not be able to respond in time!

Step 7.) Check your email

You’ll get an email in the next few days after submitting your application, telling you what group(s) you’re invited to join. There will be a character sheet for a pregenerated character(s) attached to the email. The email will also have a link to the QL Games Playtesting Discord channel.

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Step 8.) Show up and have fun!

When it comes time for your group to play, make sure you’re on the Discord channel! Group will start promptly, so if you’re very late you might miss some important parts or even be asked to not play in that group.

Step 9.) Fill out a feedback survey

After your group plays, you’ll be asked to fill out a survey about how you enjoyed your experience and what you think of the character you played. You’ll also be asked whether you want to receive an email in November with a 50% discount on the final Tasha’s Crucible of Everything Else product, and whether you want to stay informed on future QL Games playtesting opportunities and DND product announcements.

Step 10.) Get a coupon!

We’ll assume you said you’d like the discount. You’ll get a 50% discount for the final product as a special thank you for your input!

Application Form: QL Games Playtest Opportunity: Tasha's Crucible of Everything Else

Or, copy/paste this URL into your browser: https://byu.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5itmcABCXsTdcPz


Q: Is there a code of conduct?

A: Yes there is! QL Games playtesters agree to the following code of conduct:

  • I will not use words like "gay," "retarded," or "Jew" as derogatory slang terms.
  • I will not swear excessively.
  • I will accept bad rolls and inconvenient rulings with grace. If I cannot respond gracefully, I will remove myself until I may. (This is a great time to count down from 10)
  • I will allow others to get attention from the Dungeon Master.
  • I will pay attention and be ready to take my turn.
  • I will not be a buttface.

Q: Are there any groups playing in ?

A: For this playtest opportunity, all playtest groups will be in English.

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Q: Will this be a tactical or theater of the mind style?

A: Blue Alley one shots will use tactical play (using figurines and tokens on a Virtual Table Top called Roll20). Lord Bucket one shots will use theater of the mind (imagination). One Dungeon of the Mad Mage group will use tactical play, and the other will use theater of the mind.

Q: The application form won’t work for me! What do I do?

A: Some ad-block, VPN, or other programs keep the Qualtrics system from working. If you’re having technical difficulties, you can contact a QL Games representative at <QLGames@Yahoo.com>(mailto:QLGames@Yahoo.com) to request a Microsoft Word file you can fill out instead.

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