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13 Wizards, 13 Tombs, 0 Clues

Content of the article: "13 Wizards, 13 Tombs, 0 Clues"

Howdy, first time Reddit poster here. Currently I'm working through a homebrew setting I intend on using for a campaign and have kind of gotten myself into a pickle.

Due to life issues, mostly the time old tale of chronic sad, my inspiration got killed and the hot streak I had been riding for my planning died with it. I've still got all of my major info, world, some major people, all that, but got stuck when it comes to what is basically my "Trial to the Maguffin."

I don't really know how I should format this so apologies if this is sloppy.

My plan is that during the major conflict of this world, current working name being "The Hemming" since it was basically people trying to stop the wider use and distribution of magic without regulation, a group of Archmages, 13 of them(shocker I know), created a weapon that had so much magical potency that each Archmage had to use Wish to develop the pieces and all that fun jazz. The weapon got fired and they cracked a decent chunk of the continent, creating the Magistrate's Line and a bunch of little islands. After this show of force, the conflict "ended" officially for both sides but these Archmagi were killed in some way or another.

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Now there are 13 crypts/tombs/other flavor word for dead person home with the corpse of one of these Archmagi and their piece of the weapon scattered all over the region. I need a reason for these tombs to have been untouched by both sides of the new conflict, the bout between the authority of Salem, the major city of the region and her allies, and the people of Hubbard's Hold, a floating city developed by the lead Archmage so the magic users could be free.

I've thought over some of them on how they haven't been claimed, note that these are still WIP so I may not have names or extreme details yet. So sorry in advance.

  1. A Vampire Cult (Name still pending, so suggestions would be appreciated), voluntarily created by the only Necromancer apart of the 13. They are holed up in the Northern part of the region next to a mixed Elven settlement that they work with to gain steady blood so they don't go feral.

  2. One of the Conjuration Archmagi has created a labyrinth of portals that run through "rooms" of varying planes. All of that fun stuff.

  3. Hubbard's tomb is within the bowels of the floating city. So that ones is pretty self-explanatory. Hubbard being Abjuration.

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But I'm stuck on the rest, so I'll just list which ones are left in terms of their relevant magic school.

2 Evocation Archmagi, siblings. Buried close to each other and probably tied their traps together. Settled into mountains.

1 other Conjuration Archmage. Tomb is currently sunk into the snows of the Northern part of the region.

1 Divination Archmage buried at the island underneath Hubbard's Hold.

1 Enchantment and 1 Illusion Archmage also buried on the same island, though one is sunk under the beach and the other built into a cliffside.

1 other Abjuration Archmage buried amongst the roots of a massive fir tree called the Northern EverFir, which is that mixed Elven settlement and a link to the Underdark.

The 1 Graviturgy and 1 Chronurgy Archmagi buried themselves within a region of Unraveling Magic(TCoE) on an island formed by the weapon called the Isle of Discord.

Then the Transmutation Archmage has yet to be placed.

Again, sorry if this is sloppy or unclear. I'm pretty tired atm and trying to rack my brain for possible answers to my own questions.

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