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15 Weaponized creatures / hooks

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Kingdoms at war is a common theme to a lot of DnD games, either as geopolitical competition or as a last stand against the forces of darkness. With such a bestiary at hand, using a wide range of creatures to gain tactical advantages, create breaches, assassinate or weaken the enemy would make a lot of sense.

Here are 15 creatures/hooks used during wartime, based on slightly tweaked existing creatures, to be used for any large scale conflict you wish.

Have fun!

  1. The Gelatinous Barrel has been invented by a mad alchemist and is used prior to sieges, when enemy cities are hoarding food supplies to prepare for the inevitable. This sludgy creature is disguised as a fish barrel, but inside is a living gelatinous monster that will awaken at nightfall, and slowly crawl to the closest source of water. If submerged in a well, it will contaminate it, causing anyone who consume the water to fall sick. If no other water is consumed, their inside begin to melt and a green slime emerges from the body.

  2. The Plagued Lady is a deep dark green gargantuan Wyvern oozing acid and moving with a thick poisoned foggy aura. Every report mention sudden appearance of a thick slightly corrosive mist that made archers defense futile. It is accompanied by a group of Wyvern riders and has been seen attacking the enemy siege positions and guard towers. No one has been seen trying to ride the Lady.

  3. The head necromancer experiences have produced death spider swarms that are now packed in vibrating wooden barrels. The barrels have been sent to trebuchets teams to be used during the siege. The swarms emerge on impact and go infest dead bodies in the area. The bodies quickly turn into poisonous zombies with multiple eyes and spider fangs, attacking anyone. The siege weapon team has assigned additional guards to the storage, terrified of what would happen if the barrels leaked.

  4. The Blue Fangs mercenary squad has a deadly reputation even among other Drow commandos. Every single one passed a secret initiation blood pact with Lolth. The ritual unite them to a phase spider mount for life, which allows them to jaunt to the ethereal plane together and launch deadly assassinations on key enemy positions. They have been seen at night communing with the spiders, entranced, eyes flashing bright blue. Some say that they are only participating in the war to steal a set of ancient gemstones that would allow to bring back the spider goddess. Witnesses have all disappeared, so it is almost certainly false.

  5. The engineer team has built a heavy reinforced battering ram on an armored Bulette, on top of its natural carapace. The beast is not too pleased and is kept chained in the dark into a massive reinforced chariot, waiting for the opportunity to leap and charge. Half the team thinks it defeats the purpose, the other half is convinced it will charge its own troops. The head engineer is adamant all will work as intended, all the beast needs is an electric jolt to send it on the enemy doors.

  6. The other gnomes laughed when Ezekiel said he would be a Ranger. The elves laughed when he said he would ride a giant eagle. The soldiers laughed when he talked for hours about the mysteries of deep cave insects coming from other planes. And when he talked about his two years stay in the mountain to study all of it, they even pretended to snore loudly. Even the captain laughed when he proposed to drop containers with small parachutes from the sky. Now the enemy stronghold is on fire, crawling with fire scarabs, and no one is laughing anymore.

  7. Tales from the North speak about the Frozen Nightmare, a frozen worm tunneling underground and emerging in the middle of strongholds. It is revered as a god by an organized Yeti cult which attacks as a second wave through the tunnel. The beast seems to have a symbiotic link with their leader. The Yeti is rumored to be brutal and canny, is wearing makeshift golden armor with shiny stones and jewels and has an appetite for war spoils.

  8. The Lost Knights is a tragic popular tale of Lyand the cursed elf and his elite guard riding into battle to their doom, honoring their oath to the long fallen tyrant Archus. Lord Arran, one of our officers, is a lost heir to the tyrant. He can invoke the Lost Knights Ghosts and send them through solid walls and enemies. A young boy swears he saw him giving a translucent screaming shard to a specter after a battle. Arran is now looking for recruits to recover crystals from an abandoned cave network in the mountain, known to have been an ancient battleground.

  9. The vengeful druid mostly keeps to himself, leaning on a wooden staff carved in dark runes. The same runes are visible on the body of the Wallbreaker, a large earth elemental golem. The druid is hoarding a collections of small wooden figurines, shaped like miniatures elven warriors, who all have a terrified expression. Rumors are all over the place: Wallbreaker could sap large caverns to collapse city walls during siege, bring down heavy towers in mere minutes and teleport through hard stone in a blink of an eye. The men pass along tales about its cursed runes leaking a thick bloody sap, and how deep red grass and saplings flourish after its assault.

  10. Sammy, the old armory keeper, has disappeared mysteriously, all we found was blood inside his storage. Soon after, the weapons and armors started to feel weak and damaged. Sammy’s replacement is being questioned by the guards for treason, because it has to be him. It all started when we received the wooden shield shipment. Some of the shields are mimics with a weak rust aura that damages equipment over time. The mimics have eaten Sammy.

  11. Although there are many rumors, no one really know why the Scorched Merrow hates humans and ships so much. Maybe they caused all of his burn marks, attacked his tribe, or just are not creatures of the sea… What is clear is that his herd of White Octopuses follow him in the enemy port at night, attach to the bottom of ships like a hive and soak the boards with their gastric acid until the port looks like a graveyard.

  12. The warlock has brought back a black furred Mammoth with red bloody eyes from his trip to the north. The infested beast would be impressive enough without the egg sacks that are burgeoning under its belly. At first, the soldiers rejoiced, trusting the beast would take down entire wall sections. Then, Carlee the Scout said she witnessed blood swarms of centipedes come out of this kind of cursed eggs when their host died, and the soldiers approached no more. The warlock just laughed and said it was part of the plan.

  13. One-Eyed Rex is revered by veterans as the mascot of the army. The old and massive T-rex is covered in battle scars and metal spiked plating that will tear through infantry and cavalry as through minced meat. One-Eyed Rex is led into battle, from a nacelle affixed to his back. It is handled by a couple of lizardfolk beast masters who share with him chunks of dried meat soaked in a secret mixture. Roy nearly got caught stealing one piece and had hallucinations about thick jungle and hidden temple for weeks, supposedly full of riches.

  14. A weird kind of mushroom grows in faraway caverns, shaped like a crow’s beak and not bigger than a thumb. Eating it would only cause a human to fart for a few days. But if a horse has its spores mixed with its food, it will be much worse. After a week, fungus is growing through the skin, until the horse dies and its carcass collapses under thousands of mushrooms merging with each other. At this point, all the stable has probably been infected. After another week, unless burnt, the body rises as a poisonous four legged Myconid directing its uncanny horse skeleton and protects its territory aggressively.

  15. A dark wizard is carrying with him a large silver egg marked with several arcane symbols. Before large battle, he takes the egg with him and performs a ritual to make it hatch, releasing an Archlight Phoenix. On creation, the beast looks at the sky with deep sadness, reluctantly obeying its master. Its body is marked with arcane tattoos. The monster will slip through the smallest opening and fry everything inside. The men have seen the beast destroyed several time, but the original egg seems to reform when this happen. Since they saw its death, the men have been experiencing dreams about an unknown place of lightning and storm, where echoes the distressing cries of baby birds.

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Any cool ideas for improvements are very welcome, I would love to hear them.

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