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3 person party, 1 PC is way too edgy.

Content of the article: "3 person party, 1 PC is way too edgy."

Hey everyone,I'm playing in a 3 person party (NG Fighter, LG Bard(Me) and CN Warlock) and our DM is really nice. I have been enjoying myself apart from one thing. One of the other PC's character is a complete edge lord. I feel really annoyed but I don't know if it's fair to feel so irritated. So, they've written a person who's whole family is dead, they don't trust anyone, they don't apologize or admit when they're wrong and acts mega unstable. I've already swapped out my character because the tension was too stressful. (Litterally a whole session where their character refused to talk to mine.)

We are a more RP heavy group and here's how the trouble started:

The characters were chillin' at a tavern (I was rolling REALLY bad the past few sessions) and the figher made a comment about how they'll try to protect my character. I respond "You make it sound like I can't take care of myself." and the edgy character said "Well… Yeah." So I had my character go outside for some air (backstory stuff.) The fighter caught up with mine and they made ammends. They have a chat with the mayor and edgy character upsets him by being rude (Not taking off mask and refusing to give him their name.) My character freely gives their name, promises to help, tells him about the magical thing that they need help with and gets pulled asside and given info that the mayor wants to keep under his hat. The edgy character is angry and goes to bead early as to not talk to anyone.

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The next morning the DM askes "What are you guys doing?" Edgy character says. "I get up very early and SLAM the door to wake the others up and go out to read." Naturally, I think now would be the time for the resolve/conflict. I have my character wash up and go talk to them, starting with "Hey! What's your problem?" They argue that my character is stupid for trusting people and that they're a coward for "running away", I say that I only went out for air, not running away. They respond that this is what they were doing when I retort that if they wanted to be left alone, why did they slam the door? Clearly they wanted attention. The argument gets really tense, the fighter comes up and tries to mitigate it and we head off. The session of silence begins.

They ride in silence for hours, the edgy character rides up ahead "far away from the others." The figher gets annoyed with the tension and grabs the rains of the edgy person's horse and says "Look, enough! We're going to talk this out!" The edgy character casts cause fear on the fighter and my character is like "WTF MAN!?" The edgy character rides away out of earshot from the team. That day I message the DM saying that I don't feel comfortable I already have enough to worry about IRL, I suggest (because I know that the player is SUPER attached to their edgy character) that I swap out mine to make things easier since I don't think my character meshes well with theirs. Next session we pull the trigger on this plan.

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Finally, the fighter and warlock were chatting about backstory stuff (after my character swap.) The fighter mentioned how they feel like a monster and people are horrible to them because their a teifling. The warlock character then cuts themself without warning because they feel so angry at the world for being racist? The fighter's player said that this is very uncomfortable and would prefer that it not go there. Now I hear from the DM that they're going to swap out their character.

I'm not feeling good, I don't know if it's fair to be kind of irritated by this. I'd love some insight. It makes me feel awkward and not into it. I'm trying to squash this feeling but it's just kinda tickling me. It makes me not want to play.

TLDR: TLDR; I'm playing in a campaign where one of the players is not being cooperative. Their character is extremely depressing to be around and there is an air of tension with them for no apparent reason.

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