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50 Plot Hooks for Other Backgrounds

For those that come from the wild lands and the gutters, for the heroes and the liars, and for those that just wanted to be left alone.

50 plot hooks for various other backgrounds, for you to adapt and modify as you see fit.

Folk Heroes

  1. The queen, in an effort to garner some goodwill with the common people, has decided to award the PC a medal, but not everyone amongst the nobility is pleased with her majesty’s decision to reward someone of such low birth.

  2. The daughter of a family that the PC failed to save has come after them, seeking vengeance.

  3. The trail of a secretive cult leads back to a town that the PC once saved, implicating many of the townsfolk.

  4. The mentor that trained the PC sends them a letter, confessing to a terrible deception regarding his past.

  5. An aspiring adventurer recognises the PC, and begs them to teach her the trade. Unfortunately the girl’s family, a clan of ruthless necromancers, are not quite so pleased with their daughter’s career choice.

  6. A member of the PC’s family is abducted by a beholder seeking leverage, after the PC approaches his territory.

  7. The PC has drawn the ire of a powerful noble, and patron of the arts, who has commissioned a dozen bards to sing songs of the PC committing evil deeds.

  8. The member of an ancient order, dedicated to fighting evil, claims that the PC’s parents are not who they thought, and that their true lineage traces back to a legendary hero.

  9. Ominous signs abound, indicating that the monster that the PC once defeated has returned from the grave.

  10. The PC finds themself unable to distinguish between the songs sung about their deeds, and their own memories of those events, an effect that begins to spread to every other part of their memory.


1.The King has ordered the slums the PC grew up in to be demolished, and the residents thrown out of the city.

2.An alchemical substance, cheap and easy produce, has swept the streets of the city, popular among the destitute for its mind altering effects, regardless of the terrifying visions of the world to come that it gives to some of those that partake.

  1. The PC notices a strange marking engraved on the wall, part of a hidden code used by urchins to indicate danger.

  2. The PC is approached by a kindly seeming group that worships an obscure deity, that wishes to use their reputation to recruit new members from amongst the ranks of the homeless.

5.The current captain of the guard in the city watch recognises the PC from their days patrolling the slums, and her memories of the PC are none too fond.

  1. The PC hears rumours that the urchins of the city have found shelter in a pocket dimension reached through a back alley, but orphans aren’t the only thing that lurk in the shadows of that strange place.

7.An urchin escapes from a vicious workhouse, and tells a horrifying story of what took place there.

8.A single case of lycanthropy begins to spread rapidly throughout the slums, when the first ‘victim’ begins extolling the strength, senses, and warmth that the new form can provide. The guards order the smiths to start producing silvered weapons.

  1. A nobles mansion, taken during a riot and abandoned by its owners, has become the residence of a large group of urchins, transients, and others in need of shelter in the city. The city watch would see it reclaimed, and wish for the PC to help, before they resort to more drastic options.

  2. The parents of a young noblewoman have come to the PC for help after their daughter ran off to the slums to live with her lover.


  1. When at the coronation of a long lost Princess, the PC recognises the new monarch as a fellow con-artist.

  2. Someone has stolen the PC’s false identity, and is using to attempt a daring scheme.

  3. A woman the PC once married is startled to meet them again, having spent the intervening years believing that they had tragically died.

  4. An infamous con artist approaches the PC for help, claiming to be on the run from a sect of demon worshippers, although doubts begin to emerge when these cultists are nowhere to be found.

  5. A holy man has begun a campaign against the charlatans of the world with nothing more than his own keen insight, and an unending field of truth that surrounds him.

  6. The PC is shocked when a representative of the fake island that they’ve been selling real estate in arrives, none too pleased at the unauthorised sales.

  7. An old colleague of the PC with a talent for schemes wants to use the party to lure in investors with the promise of profitable adventures, that just so happen to have high upfront costs.

  8. The PC is asked to put their talents to good use, in aiding the investigation of a woman who has amassed a considerable following after claiming to be the divine messiah.

  9. A stranger approaches the PC, claiming that the life of adventure that they are currently leading was only meant to be an elaborate ruse, aided by significant modification to their own memory.

  10. The God of Lies and Trickery has invited the PC to a tournament that they are hosting, where all kinds of games of chance will be played. Everyone in attendance will be cheating.


  1. A demonic presence has infested the sanctuary that the PC once found seclusion in.

  2. A young woman who sought the council of the PC during their period of contemplation has twisted their teachings into justifications for a terrible evil.

  3. An old friend of the PC’s, from before they went into seclusion, writes to them, telling them of a terrible calamity that has befallen the home they left behind.

  4. The PC is surprised to learn that the life that they left behind was picked up almost immediately by a particularly talented doppleganger.

  5. The PC is summoned by the executor of the estate of a wealthy family member who died while they were gone.

  6. A symbol, seen in a recurring dream that tormented the PC begins to appear during the course of an adventure.

  7. A set of comprehensive records of the PC’s activities during their time away are found in the home of a young man who sort shelter with the PC during a terrible storm.

  8. A new queen was crowned during the PC’s isolation, and the subsequent changes to the law have found the PC wanted for questioning.

  9. The previous occupant of the site that the PC was secluded in is horrified to learn that it has been left unattended.

  10. The PC finds evidence that a strange demonic force has been devouring their connections to other people; evidence that also suggests that this is not the first time they have been targeted.


  1. A well known alchemist asks the PC’s help to recover a mythical herb that grows only in the region that they grew up.

  2. The migration of a herd of titanic beasts threatens the existence of a village where members of the PC’s family finally settled.

  3. The Crown Prince has asked the PC’s assistance in journeying into the wilderness to hunt down a Roc.

  4. A radical cult, led by an arch-druid, have begun a campaign against civilisation itself, putting cities to the torch and letting beautiful wild lands grow in their place.

  5. Haunting visions and terrifying nightmares suggest that the PC is being haunted by an animal that they once killed to survive.

  6. A well respected writer has begun to put together a guidebook to the lands the PC once roamed, in order to encourage settlement and more detailed exploration.

  7. A stranger that the PC once shared a campfire with has returned from an expedition with tales of a great and terrible monstrosity that has claimed the frontier for itself.

  8. A teleportation accident has left the heir to the empire standard in the midst of a jungle that repels magic.

  9. Some strange byproduct of a common magical process has been leaching into the soil and into the air, poisoning the trees and killing the animals, and the side effects so no sign of stopping.

  10. Whether it was a planar incursion, some kind of arcane catastrophe, or an act of divine intervention from the god of the wilds, a vast stretch of land has been transformed utterly, a landscape unlike any found in the material plane or elsewhere, a place ripe for exploration.

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