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50 Plot Hooks for Soldiers

War has changed. Or it never changes. One of the two.

Here are 50 plot hooks for you to entangle the former soldiers of your party. Adapt and modify them as you see fit.

  1. In the PC’s days on the battlefield, they saved the life of the heir to a noble house, who has recently inherited his seat, and all of the power that comes with it.

  2. A parade is being held in on the honour of the veterans of the war that the PC fought in.

  3. An old comrade from the PC’s days in the military has been promoted to a command in a fraught and dangerous region.

  4. After a chance meeting, the man who first recruited the PC has asked for their help in talking to the young people of the town, and convincing them to join up.

  5. The PC is informed that there are deserters in the area, and is ordered to track them down.

  6. A shipment of uniforms is reported stolen, along with the banner of one of the legions, and an intelligence officer fears they may be used in a false flag attack

  7. The son of a minor noble, has become convinced of two things. Firstly, that his death will spark a war that consumes the continent, and secondly, that he is being pursued by assassins.

  8. The territory conquered by the empire the PC served has risen up in rebellion yet again.

  9. Representatives from several of the major powers in the region have gathered together to sign a treaty governing the rules of warfare, with heated debates on the use of the most powerful spells, and the place of adventurers in conflicts.

  10. The PC and the party arrive at a border post where an old friend of the PC was supposed to be stationed, only to find the place abandoned.

  11. The commanders of two allied kingdoms have decided to train their armies together by staging a mock series of battles, and the PC and the party are asked to play the part of a group of mercenaries.

  12. A dramatic fall in revenue leads to several legions being disbanded, flooding the republic with well trained former soldiers with no available income.

  13. The PC encounters a messenger from a far off border post, who tells of an ever growing band of giants just beyond the edge of the Empire.

  14. A sergeant tasked with dealing an infestation of rust monsters that has been ravaging stock piles of weapons has come to the PC for help.

  15. The crown prince has been appointed head of all of the armies in the land, but his incompetence is matched only by his viciousness.

  16. A convey transporting an instalment of the reparations owed by the losing side of the war has been stolen, ostensibly by bandits. The winning side are demanding immediate repayment, and threatening dire consequences.

  17. The republic that the PC served against is demanding the return of a powerful artefact that their unit helped to ‘confiscate’.

  18. The woman who trained the PC asks for their help in tracking down her new apprentice, who has vanished into the swamps.

  19. A wealthy and influential Duchess has replaced her foot soldiers with an army of animated armour, and rumour has it that other nobles are considering following suit.

  20. A band of mercenaries that the PC clashed with during their time as a soldier have been hired to do the same job as the party.

  21. An army returning from a distant conflict brings with them a deadly plague.

  22. A rivalry between the arcane and martial branches of the army is on the verge of boiling over into a deadly conflict after an ill tempered mage polymorphed the commander of an elite unit.

  23. The daughter of a fallen comrade of the PC has tracked them down, asking for help in getting revenge for her father’s death.

  24. A hoard of treasure was buried by the PC and the other survivors of their legion, miles from the borders of the empire that they served, to be retrieved five years afterwards. The time has arrived to dig it up again.

  25. An army has been raised to suppress a bread riot in the capitol.

  26. An opening into a long dead wizards demi-plane leads to questions of security when the other entrance is found to open into the heart of a rival polity.

  27. The invasion of a small border kingdom that the PC fought in, ended with the crowning of a bloodthirsty vampire lord. Several veterans of that campaign have recently gathered together, inviting the PC to help them ‘correct’ their mistake.

  28. Acolytes of a god of war are stirring tension between an elven republic and a dwarven colony with a long and bloody history, hoping to spark the next stage of the conflict.

  29. An old contact of the PC comes across the plans for a gargantuan fortress in the mountains that separate their home from their expansionist neighbours, but he is unsure if its a defensive structure, or a staging ground for an invasion.

  30. A murderous colonel, waging a brutal campaign of suppression in an imperial colony, has stopped responding to communications from the capital, and the gossip in the court suggests that he has crowned himself king.

  31. A tiny city state under siege by a vast nomadic war band has taken to extreme measures in order to continue to man their walls, arming children, the elderly, and even the dead.

  32. The empress has commissioned the construction of a school of warfare, in order to better train the army’s officers in the tactics and strategy of the age. The PC has been asked to give a lecture, but upon arrival, finds strange behaviour among the student and teachers alike.

  33. A scout from the PC’s old century has heard rumours that prisoners of war are being forced to mine for precious gems and metals in the elemental plane of earth.

  34. Decades after the conquest of their lands, a group of halfling guerrillas continue to raid merchants and assassinate officials.

  35. Two kingdoms, ruled by mages, are threatening the utter destruction of the other using the most powerful of magic, each being held in check only by the devastation that a war would bring to their own lands.

  36. An ancient order of Griffin calvary have turned against the empire after being asked to drop alchemical substances into enemy formations, in violation of their sacred precepts.

  37. The clerics at the temple can’t regrow limbs fast enough after a terrible new weapon is unleashed.

  38. A party of foreign adventurers have been sighted within the kingdom, sabotaging supply lines and burning down warehouses, and the PC has been tasked with bringing them down, and finding out which ruler they serve.

  39. A battle the PC fought in is immortalised in song, turning a massacre into a heroic stand.

  40. A bold and charismatic general has returned home after a successful conquest, with her loyal legions still at her back, and her march on the capital showing no signs of stopping.

  41. An ancient Bronze dragon is traveling from kingdom to kingdom, meeting with queens and parliaments, convincing each to lend forces to a grand army, to fight a foe that he will not name.

  42. When diplomatic concerns prevent the generals from sending their own forces, the PC is asked to investigate a ruin discovered in a nearby territory where an ancient weapon of devastating power is said to be found.

  43. Generals plot behind closed doors after the Crown Princess successfully negotiates a peace deal with the Orcish confederation, ending a conflict that stretches back back centuries.

  44. A newly formed Goblin republic has called for several prominent adventurers to be tried for their crimes against goblin-kind.

  45. The PC finds themselves hunted by the survivors of a city that they helped sack and burn to the ground.

  46. A team of arcanists, alchemists and inventors claimed to have created a process to turn the most feeble peasant into a solider of unparalleled skill and strength.

  47. In the face of an invasion from the Hells, the call has gone out that every adult capable of holding a sword or casting a spell must report for conscription.

  48. A legendary soldier, who the PC once fought alongside, has thrown aside his sword, and dedicated himself to peace instead, much to the fury of the Emperor he once served as champion for.

  49. The sudden death of the young queen has plunged the land into chaos, with distant royalty, ambitious generals, and radical factions all mustering forces to secure the capital, and their position in the forthcoming civil war.

  50. The God of War plots to reshape the world into a place of unending conflict, a war of all against all.

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