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50 Ways To Spend GOLD

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It was not King MIDAS, but Shakespeare who COINED the phrase about, “All that glitters…” but don’t be FOOLS and RUSH to the end of the rainbow, MINE this post for all 50 ways to spend gold in D&D 5e! Let’s rock!

  1. Shelter. So I love the outdoors, but I definitely don’t feel like I’m at my max hit points with all my spell slots after sleeping on the ground. Consider redefining a long rest to require a comfortable night’s sleep, probably at an inn. But your ranger or characters who grew up in the wilderness are A-okay! Speaking of those outlanders…
  2. Food. As written, characters with the outlander background automatically find “food and fresh water for and up to 5 other people each day” as long as it’s available– that is too good! Instead you could have that max number of people equal their survival skill bonus, and/or have them make a check with advantage to find it over the course of an hour or two.
  3. Transportation. Give your party the chance to buy some cheap horses or tame some cool wild animals, and sweeten the deal by making mounted travel be like 3x faster than walking, but they now have to find or buy food for their mounts too.
  4. Clothing. Adventurer’s are living outside, constantly being attacked, yet their clothes never wear out? They should need to wash, repair, or replace their clothing pretty often.
  5. Homegoods. Your party may not have a house, but they would still need stuff like cookware and soap for life on the road.
  6. Hygiene. Ahh, and bathhouses are a thing that your setting should have in big enough towns that still don’t have running water, so your dirty vagabond adventurers can occasionally clean themselves and stay healthy!
  7. Healthcare. When was the last time one of your PCs sprained their ankle, broke their collarbone, or caught a cold? Medicine isn’t free, and if they don’t have a cleric, they may need to pay one!
  8. Education. Unfortunately bard college is not tuition free!
  9. Interest. And that NPC who gave them a loan wants their money back with interest!
  10. Taxes. Of course, the government wants a piece too, so your PCs may have to pay taxes or at least some kind of adventuring license or guild membership.
  11. Retirement. Unless your PCs are planning to die on one of these adventures, they should be stocking away some money for when they’re no longer fit to run around slaying monsters!
  12. Fancy shelter. Sure that humble cottage is in their range, but why not splurge on a villa in the countryside!
  13. Fancy food. Create some exotic delicacies for your world that come at ridiculous prices because they are extremely rare or they can only be crafted by the finest chefs in the land!
  14. Fancy transportation. This is where they buy a well-trained griffon, a nice boat, or maybe even an airship– go nuts!
  15. Fancy clothes. Oh, and they’ll need overpriced clothing to keep up appearances.
  16. Beauty. Maybe even hire a stylist to take care of this for them.
  17. Jewelry. And probably a jeweler to turn the many gems they found into something fashionable and fabulous!
  18. Art. Then why not commission a custom portrait to adorn their sitting room?
  19. Books. And buy a bunch of books to go along with the art and make sure everyone knows they’re intelligent and cultured.
  20. Pets. Perhaps buy some exotic pets, or even huge monsters to train with.
  21. Trainers. But if they can’t quite afford monsters, they can probably hire a personal trainer to spar with.
  22. Caretakers. And they would definitely hire people to cook and clean, and take care of their properties and animals.
  23. Entertainment. Maybe even bards and minstrels to replay their fantastic tales of adventure, or they would go to the theater or the arena in the best seats available!
  24. Gambling. But hopefully the arena doesn’t have them gambling away all their hard-earned loot!
  25. Lawyers. These or accountants may come in handy!
  26. Donations. It would be much better, however, if they donated some of it to causes they believe in! Adventurers with any amount of wealth can give a little.
  27. Family. In fact, they’ll probably have family members and friends, or even children they can support with their vast wealth.
  28. Gifts. And whether or not they’re directly supporting others, it’s nice to buy people gifts, and treat yourself once in a while!
  29. Weapons.
  30. Armor.
  31. Adventuring gear.
  32. Tool sets. Xanathar’s guide to everything has an inspiring section about what these kits actually contain and how they can be used, for example…
  33. Gear maintenance. Knock out the dents in your helmet, oil your leathers, or make your own!
  34. Custom gear. Forge the katana you’ve always wanted, or a small and light buckler shield, or spiked armor for your hippogriff!
  35. Augmented gear. Have your arrowheads silvered, or encrust the hilt of your sword with gems!
  36. Enchanted gear. Enchant your weapon with an extra damage type!
  37. Scrollcraft. Have the wizard craft their own spell scrolls for other casters to use!
  38. Potioncraft. And the cleric can finally learn how to brew up some healing potions!
  39. Spell components. Likewise, that diamond you put into your sword can also be used to resurrect someone with a revivify spell. And if you start having casters actually keep track of components instead of pretending everything they need is in a little pouch, there’s a lot of stuff they’ll need to buy!
  40. Magic items. Even in a low magic setting, there can be one well-defended vault of magical goods owned by an emperor or retired adventurer, so the party can buy magic items, and sell the ones they just can’t find a use for. Or if you’re totally against magic items, you should drop in poison.
  41. Poison. This way your rogue won’t have to worry about inexplicably missing an attack roll against a sleeping enemy, just put some serpent venom in their food and you’re good to go! But wait, they never took proficiency in the poisoner’s kit?
  42. Proficiencies. Your PCs can buy books or hire instructors to gain new proficiencies for weapons, armor, tools, instruments, skills, or languages! This makes for a great downtime activity, and why not have them put those new skills to the test?
  43. Contests/Admission. They can enter an arena tournament, a carnival pie eating contest, or maybe there’s a city in your setting that requires payment for entry. Regarding payment, somehow we haven’t talked about bribes yet.
  44. Bribes. Whether it’s getting someone to talk or keeping them quiet. Bribes and blackmail are a great tool of any adventurer. And through bribes or more legitimate channels, your party could buy a business!
  45. Business. Or start their own! A tavern, farm, brewery, bakery, a D&D youtube channel!
  46. Home. It could be a wizard tower, druid grove, monk temple, or even a castle with a dungeon!
  47. Services. They can open a school, an animal shelter, or an orphanage for all of those other would-be adventurers who lost their parents to goblin raids!
  48. Title. If they have enough land, your characters can be lords that show up in your next campaign!
  49. Kingdom. Why stop there! Buying land is a lot easier than fighting for it, and then the money stays in your new kingdom!
  50. Lichdom. And with enough gold, enough power, your character can become the next big bad evil guy!!

Consider checking out the video for links to more simple DM guides! Thank you, and keep building 😀


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