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5e Balancing Homebrew Class

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Hey all,

Hoping to get some help balancing a homebrew class one of my players found online and is really excited to play in our upcoming Curse of Strahd campaign. I'm usually really wary of homebrew content, even those that are better put together online but his character concept from a role playing perspective is great and he's pumped about it.

The class in question is the Gentleman – link at the end – a sort of monk/ bard hybrid. IMO kind of busted at low levels but curious to see if others agree too.

Here are my initial thoughts:

  • unarmed attack progression being better than that of a monk is kind of whack, thinking of pulling that back to starting with a d4 and maybe having them move up a die a level early to make up for lack of Ki
  • Anger of a Gentleman – unlimited free attack as a reaction when party members take damage seems a bit busted to me, thinking of pulling this back to use a number of times equal to your bard level and regain on a short or long rest
  • Jack of All Trades – torn on this one, I feel like it'd help with out of combat usefulness since the spell list is pretty limited
  • Looks That Kill – expanding the critical range to 19-20 is something I believe is only possible in 5e with taking the Champion fighter archetype. Considering axing this one altogether since at level 5 they also get an extra attack, and ability to use charisma for attacks. Seems OP but also considering having it have a finite number of uses per long rest and also having the downside fo expanding critical fail range to 1-2.
  • No spell slot info but thinking of making it basically the bard's spell slot progression
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Anyways, keen to get other's opinions if these mods make sense or if there's anything else anyone would recommend tweaking.


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