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5E Collection of prices for homebrew Items, Materials, & Services

Content of the article: "5E Collection of prices for homebrew Items, Materials, & Services"

My collection of items, materials, weapons, armor, and services that aren't really in the 5E Player's Handbook. I have been adding new things to my ongoing 5E D&D campaign with a good group of friends for a while now. After collecting from many official sources, free homebrews, adapting from 3.5 or other games. I have tweaked them until I thought worthy enough to share.

All items are set at either an official or slightly higher price to balance for rarity but your welcome to change them to your liking 😀


Town & Tavern Commodities

Prices and descriptions for services, meals, foodstuffs, and beverages in a town or city. Services from the Inn including baths or a doctor, common meals and drinks from the pub, specific items from the general store, to unique expensive wines and spirits.


Tackle, Tools and Fittings

Prices and descriptions for mundane common/uncommon items, kits, musical instruments, simple clothes and jewelry. Including items like a boot sheath, umbrella, or hammock with more uncommon items like spider's silk rope or a grapple arrow.


Weaponsmith Wares

Prices and descriptions for additional simple and martial weapons with along customizing options. They have been fairly balanced and priced including things like brass knuckles, a slingshot, bladed fists, katanas, nunchucks and guns!


Armorsmith Arms

Prices and descriptions for additional light, medium, heavy and shields along with customizing options. Not very many but they are fairly balanced and fit easily to any 5E campaign.

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Alchemical Reserve

Prices and descriptions for items created by alchemy and/or magic. Ranging from simple alchemical byproducts like acid, foxfire, and grease to more unique concoctions like a Potion of Enhance Ability or a Vigor Tonic.


Ointments & Aliments

Prices and descriptions for herbs, mixtures, and poisons made or found from natural sources. Listing simple items found on a trip through a forest to mixtures like anti-paralytics, and insect repellent along with statistics for deadly poisons.


Marvelous Meals

Prices and descriptions for some extraordinary meals for rare ingredients that offer bonuses. Dragon Soup & Steak or Rosemary Hydra Brisket can certainly give a party reward for clearing the nearby lair and bringing home some precious meat. Including Cooking Utensil DC's to make it useful for once!


Spellcasting Services

Prices for common spells Divine and Arcane casters may be available to cast at a local church or magic shop. No prices for any spells 6th level or higher except Teleport, but includes ratio for custom spell casting filling requests that aren't already listed.


Extraordinary Materials

Prices, statistics and descriptions for common to very rare special materials that weapons and armor can be made from. Dragon hide, meteoric iron, mithril, spiritwood and obsidian can make non-magical arms seem more special just by its material.


Tinker Testing

A list of contraptions and toys that could be make with Tinker's Tools in a 5E campaign. With enough time and successful kit proficiency checks, make items like Calculators, Music boxes, Gnomish net launchers, or even an Automaton!

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I haven't posted lists to any of my magic items but may in the future.

All items are subject to change in the GDoc if I ever update them later but will probably stay somewhat the same as I've had a lot of time to tweak them. Docs are set to comment so please let me know what you think or could potentially add!

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