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5e Frozen Soul Sorcery Subclass: Version 3. Become a cold-caster!

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Please check out the link above and feel free to leave your feedback below; I welcome it!

Thanks to everyone for their help coming from version 2, your feedback helped to shape a more fleshed out version that I feel lets the player's creativity really shine.


Changes & Design Notes in Version 3 –

Level 1

The first level features are to force players into a situation where they have awoken this icy power inside of them and its impacting them completely. Thematically a cold-based caster has a very defensive, battlefield control quality to them, slowing opponents is a major part of this. There's also a major lack of cold-damage spells and a ice caster throwing fireballs didn't make sense. Giving them more options at the cost of a "what if you just can't make heat" makes for a potentially interesting and challenging situation within a party.

  • Removed the change to CON saves from DEX saves on fire spells to maintain balance even if other cold spells typically are handled via CON saves, the spells are designed with that intent.
  • Added shape water because it fits and gives them an actionable ability at level 1.
  • Added a limiter of "1st level spells or higher" to CbtC on the save failure effects.
  • Removed the paralysis effect from the "failed by 10" feature and replaced with restrained to simplify the effect. This leaves less to track during combat temporary HP wise and doesn't give the party access to auto-crits.
  • Added another clause to CbtC that it only halves speed if the spell does not already do so preventing quarter-speeding.
  • Added yet another limiter that the restrain breaks on damage as well so the party can't just beat on something restrained endlessly (though failing by 10 or more is probably something that's going to get beat on anyways).
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Level 6

Another big part of ice magic fantasy is creating things out of ice, this feature attempts to embody that fantasy allowing the player to have a sandbox ability.

  • Modified to automatically effect one 5 foot space when you take the action allowing you to make things without expending sorcery points albeit at a much slower pace.
  • This also allows it to be used more often in RP situations.
  • Now imposes a Dexterity saving throw, on success the creature chooses which side they are on. On failure, the sorcerer chooses (though they are still ejected to the next safe space).
  • Also added rules for objects.
  • Added a duration in the form of losing -5 HP per round.
  • Reduced HP from 5x your sorcerer level to 3x because you're now able to use it without expending sorcery points.
  • DM may rule that climate may increase or decrease the rate at which your structures lose HP (warmer climates may cause them to lose double HP per round whereas colder climates they may last twice as long if not longer).
  • Added more "see your DM" notes in general as this is an ability to get creative with they will need to ensure it's within reason for their setting.

Past versions have big asks for this feature to have a reaction option, but that has proven too difficult to balance. This also clashes a bit with the fantasy aim of being more guarded, strategic sorcerers than most others (though ultimately how you play it is up to you). You can always hold action if you anticipate something coming! Bonus action would still allow for big spell casts and building each turn which turns out increasingly difficult for DMs to balance encounters.

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Level 14

  • Scrapped earlier versions.

Something commonly seen from ice-fantasy characters is using their abilities to hasten themselves without much regard to the reality of what that leaves behind. Level 14 features for sorcerers are also typically movement-based so Trail of Frost seemed a good fit for this level.

Toyed with the idea that they could just double movement by having a 5-foot radius effect but the leave-behind aspect was something I really thought should stay so having too much mobility made this ability too powerful. A straight line also puts the player in a position where it's very good, but also situational in comparison to the Shadow, Divine, and Dragon versions of third-dimensional travel (also have to be careful as it can mess with your own party).

  • Added a Charisma mod limiter so you can't simply double your speed every turn. Considered taking this out though to make it a constant potential use similar to the wings and shadow-jump.

Level 18

  • Scrapped earlier versions.
  • Coming up with something that is a proper capstone with an ability has proven difficult to balance.
  • Chose to avoid outright constant immunity.

Wanted a last power boost at the cost of sorcery points similar to the shadow and draconic bloodlines, but also something not powerful enough to be a one-off per rest like the divine soul and, to some extent, the storm sorcery capstones.

Aspect of Winter comes from the fantasy of embodying and mastering the cold powers residing inside the sorcerer. As the spell Investiture of Ice already embodies this fantasy, it became an "ok, rather than just chop this up, how can we use this?"

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Not requiring a slot, components, or concentration achieves this feeling of being empowered, but not to the point where it should need to be limited to 1 use.

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