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5E Lack of Draconomicon borders on unforgiveable

Content of the article: "5E Lack of Draconomicon borders on unforgiveable"

So in a thread about a week ago, talking about a lack of Draconic warlock pact, I posted a comment that got relatively good feedback, where I talked about a 5E Draconomicon, specifically in how it essentially writes itself, and how the fact that we are YEARS IN to the new edition and STILL don't have a book specifically centered around Dragons when the TITLE OF THE GAME contains the word "DRAGONS" borders on criminal. I think that this is a very relevant question that bears discussing, and while there have been posts on this very subject before, I'm including an outline that I threw together in quite literally under 10 minutes off the top of my head, just for a demonstration of how easy this book would be to organize and put together. I get that the content itself is a bit trickier, but they're doing UA all the time anyway, so this would just follow the process for that. What's even WORSE about us not having a dragon-themed book yet is the fact that aside from writing itself, the book could be padded with fluff, which would be extremely POPULAR (as it pertains to dragons, which have a huge fanboy lobby) and is also considerably easier to manufacture than actual gameplay mechanics.

I would assume that if they wrote a dragon-themed book that was ENTIRELY mechanical OR entirely fluff, it would be extremely popular and sell extraordinarily well either way, even in either extreme. If you went 70-30 in either direction or 50-50, it wouldn't matter. I imagine that it does NOT matter HOW you write this book; it will be popular no matter what form it takes, or how skewed it is in one direction of content. If it pertains to dragons and is even passably well written, it will be sell well, and will be popular.

A Draconomicon is important for D&D for a myriad of reasons, notably the fact that in a single book you have content for players *and* content for DMs in roughly equal measure, as well as content that can be utilized by both. Sales would be through the roof on the basis that it's A BOOK ABOUT DRAGONS alone. As mentioned, dragons are an iconic and literally titular part of this game. As an example of how easy it is to include interesting content for such a book, my outline is below. I'm posting this thread looking to discuss other ideas that a Draconomicon could include, which will hopefully give people ideas to draw up their own content to hold over until an actual Draconomicon gets published.

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I'm just going to repost my comment, with minor editing and some expansion now that I have an actual keyboard and a few minutes in front of me.

Here goes:


Seriously, how is this not a thing? The game has DRAGONS in its name! How is there no dragon-themed extras book yet???

I mean I get that 5e follows an artificially reduced publishing schedule to prevent the quality slippage and “system bloat“ that plagued 3.5, and I (mostly) agree with that, but the 3.5 Draconomicon was a MASTERPIECE.

you could just redo the damn thing and you'd have an instant best selling book… And if you wanted to try rewriting it from scratch, (ignoring, for a moment, why you would ever want to) it practically writes itself.

step 1. Opening chapters are largely fluff and flavor, a la Mordenkainen's ToF (and the 3.5 version) throw in some racial options/reworks for dragonborn, maybe a new race thats a distant descendant of a dragon. Also COMPLETE OVERHAUL OF THE HALF DRAGON. You could essentially plagiarize the first few chapters from the 3.5 Draconomicon that explain a dragon's psychology and biology.

Step 2. Class options! Barb gets totem of the dragon, cleric gets dragon domain, paladin gets platinum knight, fighter gets dragonslayer, monk gets dragon disciple, sorc dragon bloodline gets a buff, warlock gets dragon pact.

step 3. New items, spells, racial feats (some of which could represent draconic ancestry awakening late in life) and feats, thematically modeled on dragons or dealing with dragons.

step 4. New monsters! Include drakes, llinorms, dragon-like monsters, planar dragons, gem dragons, and options for customizing dragons SO THEY DONT ALL FEEL EXACTLY THE SAME! This is a major problem with dragons especially in 5E… They all play exactly the same. their breath weapon, resistances, and spell like abilities (which aren't stellar to begin with) change, but other than that they're just big flying reptiles with breath weapons. Introduce feats for dragons like in the 3.5 Draconomicon, expanded spell-like abilities list, etc etc and give dm's sanctioned, prebuilt and prebalanced ways to make dragons STAND OUT from one another.

I hate to say this, but a dragon-centered campaign in 5E would get stale very quickly. By the time you've killed a second dragon, even going from extremes such a white (tundra enviornment) to blue (desert enviornment) the third fight will feel exactly the same as the others. This is a shame, as dragons are supposed to be ICONIC epic-boss level encounters, and 5E just absolutely failed to make them stand out from one another. You've killed two dragons, you've killed them all, IMO.

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Also I'd like to expand on my previous mention of overhauling the half dragon. A half dragon has such a pure amount of draconic blood that they should be truly tremendously mighty, highly magical beings. They should be bigger, far stronger than typical members of their race, harder to kill, and with an ability to tap into at least a modicum of the magical power possessed by their PARENT. Not ancestor, PARENT.

5E makes half-dragons feel and play much more like dragonborn or dragon-blooded. They feel way more like distant descendents rather than actual offspring. I personally errata'd the half dragons to increase strength to 22, Con to 20, and Cha to 18, along with a stronger, scaling breath weapon, and spell like abilities dependant on the parent. I want to see this adopted officially, damn it!

step 5. Prewritten adventure to 5th level.

maybe an additional chapter of sample dragons and factions, etc. Perhaps a chapter devoted to dragon lairs and tactics in combat, instructions or guides on how to play each species of dragon to it's fullest, again to make them stand out from one another. A white dragon is a completely different creature in capability, philosophy, and power to a gold dragon… yet why do they play so mechanically identically? (sorry I keep griping on this, but it's been bothering me)

Bam. Instant bestseller.

Now the new UA would find a perfect home here, as well, with the drakewarden and the dragon druid, which is good… because those two classes I couldn't think of any good ideas for how to give them dragon related archtypes, lol. The rest of them were extremely easy to think of ideas.

As a final idea, you could introduce feats that replicate class features of the dragon sorc, or if you already have those features, expand/improve them. Theres an interesting idea… Not sure if its a GOOD idea or not, but it is certainly interesting… People have long been complaining about sorcerors, so maybe you could expand on at least one archtype. I actually like the idea of other classes being able to dip in to dragon bloodlines through feats to make them play similar to a dragon-sorc, which actually makes sense if you think about it. A regular draconic descendant SHOULD have similar abilities and manifestations as a sorceror who draws their power from also being a draconic descendent. They have that in common.

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However the dragon-sorc would be a much purer expression of that dragonic bloodline, and thus should have the options in the way of feats to EXPAND upon it's class features.

IE the wings feature, a feat could give anyone wings, but if a draconic sorc takes the feat, their wings are permanent and their fly speed is higher.

Anyone could take a feat that lets them add their CHA to spells of a specific damage type, the dragon sorc could take a feat that lets them use a die a step higher, or reroll low dice, etc etc.

Lots of possibilities here, although I could also see this idea being unpopular. I myself am not that confident that it would be a good idea, lol.

So yeah… Hopefully WoTC is paying attention, and my argument was persuasive XD

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