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5e Mob Mass Combat

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Alright, I’ve read mass combat and swarm rules, and want to put my own spin on it. Asking people to rate what I’ve come up with, and possibly give edits.

If anybody wants an example of this working in action, post your scenario in the comments. Just to be clear, this is for both large armies of rebellious peasants and swarms of rats all the way to a pack of bears and army of guards. Numbers are not on the players side, which already favors AoE, and makes it very hard for any attack to reasonably miss.



Start with a standard creature’s stat block. The mobs HP is equal to that of the amount of members in the mob. Strength, Constitution, and Wisdom skill checks receive advantage, while Dexterity, Intelligence, and Charisma receives disadvantage.

A mob is a variable monster size wise, for every amount of creatures in the mob, it occupies an additional tile. If at any point a mob only occupies a single tile, it no longer is considered a mob, and all remaining members regain its own actions.

Every tile of the mob can attack independently on their own accord. I.e., if a Mob of Commoners completely surround a PC, then the mob makes an attack for every mob that surround them.

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Furthermore, every tile of a mob is considered to have the full amount of members present for the purposes of damage calculations. A Small Mob with 25 members has a space of 3 tiles, and a shared HP pool between all tiles. If, in this case, 5 damage is dealt to the mob, then one tile of the mob's space is removed as well. All mob tiles must be connected.

Members per tile are as follows. Tiny=25, Small=10, Medium=4, Large=1

Mob members can occupy the same space as other creatures two sizes smaller then them or smaller, and can enter areas of their size range no matter how many members there are in a mob.

Mob v Unit

Every attack made against the mob will hit, and every attack the mob makes will hit. A mob will deal damage equal to their average damage times the members per tile (Noted Above), minus the targets AC.

Ex– Medium Member damage of 5 versus a target with 10 AC equals 5X4-10, for a total of 10 damage to the target.

When attacking a mob, attacks that only target a single entity can at max deal 1 damage to the mob, and must deal at least the HP of a standard mob member to kill a member.

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Ex– A Member HP of 12, attacked with 35 damage, deals only 1 damage to the mob.

Area of Effect attacks deal their normal damage times the amount of tiles a mob occupies is within the area of effect. Total damage is then divided by member HP, and the sum is how much damage is done to the mob.

Ex– An Aoe Attack that hits 5 Mob occupied spaces with member HP of 4 and deals 20 Damage total deals 100 damage, and eliminates 25 members of the mob.

Mob v Mob

When two armies collide. First, determine how many members can effectively attack each other, for our examples, lets say a 10 by 100 tile room has an even 50/50 split of 500 Large members per side, and located at the ends of the room longways. So 10 tiles of combat area.

Next, we must determine damage versus health. lets say both sides have 30 HP and 20 damage per turn. Every turn, 20 damage is done to the other side per combat width, being 10, so 200 damage. Every turn, both sides lose 6 HP.

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