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5e this time(Campaign 3)

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Be me: Torment, Tiefling Warlock

Be not me: DM, Villith Lizardfolk Warlock, Azir Kobold Bard

Campaign opens into a city under siege by the forces of a corrupted demi-god… the world's not doing so well and the city is one of the last bastions of civilization. A battle is going on in the distance and it sounds like the defenders are losing… the battle will soon come to the party.

Enter us:
Torment watching the fires of some of the nearby buildings while the civilians and wounded begin to fall back further into the city. "We'll be doing their job soon." he says referring to the front line currently engaged in combat, he looks over to his companions and familiar then stretches.

Villith says, "Bring it on, then. I'm ready to pick up the slack." Holding a rather brutal looking axe and almost indecent, though the city wasn't in much of a position to care if an able bodied defender was decent or not, clad in only some anklets, bracelets, loincloth and a band of cloth about her chest… technically covering her breasts but leaving underboob visible.

Azir, the shortest of the group being a Kobold, chimes in: "Yes, I'd love to see you pick up the slack of the entire military I might just leave you to the spotlight." The kobold crosses her arms and sticks out her tong, sarcastic little lizard. Looking to Villith she comments "You look like you could eat the military and still be hungry. Name's Azir, or Azira if you're using my stage name." she bows and chuckles introducing herself to the bigger lizard.

Perception roll… Villith hears something.

Torment chuckles, "And here I wanted to let you have the spotlight." he replies to the kobold, "In any case we'll soon be in the thick of it." and with that he casts a protection upon himself.

Apparently not enough for the lizardfolk. A scoff and she comments, "Don't be cowards." watching for the front line to fail she continues, "Embrace the fight and if you're not strong enough to survive face death with courage."

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Just as the bard begins their retort the ground around us explodes as a trio of big insectoid creatures bearing scythe like forelegs burst from the ground and charge us… arrows from above guess we're not the only people to have noticed but that doesn't stop one from getting through to us!

Initiative roll… 19 for Villith & Azir, 7 for Torment

Quick witted as bards are Azir opens with a sonic attack to crack its carapace and waltzes into battle with the great beasty.

Villith charges into battle hexing the remaining monstrosity to face greater damage from the lizardfolk.

The beast scores a blow against the bard! A seriously deep cut.

"Hey you overgrown ant pick on somethin' closer to your own size!" Torment calls and with a flourish of his fingers his orb glows pink for a moment before a burst of light centered on the monster illuminating everything in the Faery Fire.

The big insect now glows a fabulous bright pink making it easier to hit.

A quick word of healing from the Kobold and the little lizard is back in the fight with a swift stab at the beast! The beast shrieks in pain from the well placed stab.

No words just anger from Villith as her axe clashes against the overgrown ant causing hemolith to splatter from the wound widening the gaps in the creatures exoskeleton.

The axe being pulled from its body blocks one strike of its forlegs but the other cuts into our axe-wielder's leg for moderate damage.

"C'mon you like being pink?" Torment shouts at it before extending his orb to it and from it a bolt of force accelerates toward the creature… only to bounce harmlessly off. So much for Eldritch Blast.

Azira takes the moment given by the combination of Villith's axe ripping free and the bounced eldritch blast to scurry beneath the creature and stab up into it, sinking her blade deep as the creature writhes, and then goes limp… only for it to fall atop her, making her yelp in surprise and pain.

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A slow clap from the Tiefling as he approaches the dead ant, "Bravo, bravo Azira!" he calls, "Quite the showstopper as always." He takes a moment to stroke the head of his familiar which loyally stayed around his shoulders for the brief battle then grabs one of the beasts legs, "Let's get it off of her." he comments to Villith and gives a good heave.

Villith rolls her eyes, heading over to help the tiefling drag the bug off the kobold. "Nice going, idiot." she says to Azira, letting out a huff. "I gotta hand it to you though, you did take it down."

Azira grunts as she crawls out from under it. "I'm truly amazed to hear your praise, Sir Glance-a-lot." she grunts, holding her stomach wound. she simply nods to Villith. "you did good too. nearly ripped it in half." she chuckles and winces as she stands. "ach… doesn't feel good, but should hold for now."

Torment chuckles, "Oh come now you know I'm more of a supporting character in this performance. After all I did paint in pink, easier to stab than it's previous drab color scheme." he says. He grabs a potion from his pack, "Here, this ought to help. Now we should figure out what the larger situation is… the front line has apparently failed."

Villith nods at the kobold. "Damn right. That bastard was tough, but not tough enough." she replies, looking over towards the Tiefling. "Then come on, let's not waste any time. she says, starting to head off in the direction where the front line is supposed to be.

Right as Azira is about to follow, a man on horseback rides up. "Fall back, the noncombatants have made it through. your line is to act as the perimeter as the last line retreats through the portal! i am headed to the front to relay things to them." he rides off before anyone can really talk. Azira shrugs and looks at them for their decision.

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Walking after Villith for a moment at a not too brisk or lollygagging a pace he, without missing a beat, Torment turns on his heel and proceeds at exactly the same pace away from the former front line, "Thanks for the update, we were just going in the wrong direction without you." he replies to the horseman. "Come along, you heard him. Our magnum opus is yet to come, we can't to the swan song now."

Villith stops in her tracks when the horseman rides by, growling a bit but turning around and starting to head the opposite direction. "I hate backing down… But I also don't want to die. Let's do what the man said." she huffs and heads towards the last line to be their protection while they escape.

Session end.

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