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8 Dwarven Erotica Titles to Liven Up Your Libraries

Recently my players were exploring a dungeon library. After a number of serious questions and investigation checks one of my players jokingly asked if he could roll to search the shelves for Dwarven Erotica. Always one to say yes I let him roll to see what he found. One nat 20 later I had wondered what I had gotten myself into. Alrighty then, you search the shelves and discover a rather extensive collection of Dwarven Erotica novels. Roll a d8 to determine how large the collection is…. he rolls an 8. I asked the players to make a note in the shared Google Doc and promised when we resumed play the following week I'd be prepared to reward a nat 20 with 8 novels so hot they would burn the whiskers off a blacksmith.

I thought I would share them here to help liven up the libraries and bookshelves in your worlds.

The Stone Underfoot.

A first-person novel about a submissive dwarf named Stone and his masochistic relationship with his Halfling Dominatrix Footsie

Whips and Chains

What starts off with a cursory introduction of whips quickly devolves into an in-depth review of chains, manacles, and other metal restraints for use in the bedroom including a very passionate discussion on alloys designed to titillate fans of metallurgy

The Beard Around My Neck

A steamy novel of a dwarf name Streg and his infatuation with wrapping his beard around his neck while "hammering at the anvil". The novel describes several such "anvil hammering sessions" with the last one ending rather abruptly and seemingly unfinished.

The Hottest Fires of the Forge

A raunchy account of a dwarven smith names Dorunn who possesses a supernatural ability to craft magical marital aids with a dizzying variety of abilities (including one that appeared to function as a cylindrical decanter of endless water, with settings for "stream", "fountain" and "geyser".)

A Bed of Gold and Lust

A torrid tale of a dwarven maiden named Yulli who falls in love with an adult red dragon. The tale details the dragon's creative use of polymorph as well as providing a highly detailed account of the treasure pile on which their scorching encounters took place.

Getting My Rocks Off

A sultry retelling of the dwarven warlock Bhu who uses her dark powers to create a handsome sentient stone pleasure golem that she dubs "Rocks" and catalogues the illicit romance between dwarf and her construct.

Brokeback Mountain

A sizzling story of a dwarven miner named Cindershot who after years of toiling away in his mine discovers that the mountain in which he has spent so much time is sentient. The mountain gives his name as Brokeback and reveals that he enjoys Cindershot’s various tunneling activities. The story then relates how Cindershot would eagerly hammer away at the stone tunnels and pathways of his beloved mine causing the walls to quake with stony pleasure.

The Tip of the Spear

A red-hot retelling of a famous fictional regiment of elite dwarven shield maidens whose prowess on the battlefield was only surpassed by their prowess in the bedroom. The tale describes several famous battles where the maidens did the spear thrusting, but also depicts a number of times when the maidens were the ones being speared.


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