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A dark elf who I thought was my friend betrayed me.

Content of the article: "A dark elf who I thought was my friend betrayed me."

So this happened tonight and it’s very fresh so if I sound a little too worked up over just a game just know we played till 12:00 AM and it’s 12:43 AM so yeah I’m still feeling the game.

So in the game I’m a human Eldridge knight named Orion. Early on In our campaign picked this rectangular cube off a dead bugbear. On it in dwarfish was the word “key” and it has all these cogs on the out side of it. I’m a moron and I think that this thing is a giant key and someone tells me it has something to do with some mines to the north so I think I’ll go there and put this key into some big dwarf mechanism or something. Around this time 2 people ghost our new party leaving me, my wife, and a guy we met on here from canada who is now someone I consider a friend! And our dm. So we start seeing this person running long the roof tops and through perception checks we keep seeing them. We then get in a really hard fight in a town bunch of guys we pissed off totally not our fault I swear. Anyways well we all roll for initiative and then someone in the shadows does too and I think oh great I’m going die even harder. But this person helps us shooting some of guys and eventually joining in completely and taking damage to help fight the guys off. Turns out she is the person we have been tracking. She’s a dark elf named rezza played by our dm she joins our party and sense she doesn’t need as much sleep me and her end up doubling up on watches. And the dm and I role played talking. And over the sessions rezza and Orion became good friends and turns out I’m a moron and rezza was able to tell me that this cub was a box and the cogs could be moved around like a puzzle to open it and she and I start working on it together doing intelligence checks everyday on it and slowly opening it up. Well tonight her and I sit down like normal to work on the box and I hand the box over like normal and she tells me “go to bed” and I have to roll a wisdom saving roll. (Dice roll) 2. Epic. Fail. 6 seconds pass and I snap to run to the door after her. Roll for perception. 13. I don’t see her at all. I ask around the town the next day she’s gone no one has seen her. I know where she had to go with the box so I’m going after her we were suppose to do it together and I’m going to let her explain herself when I find her but if she just ripped me off just cause she could then we shall come to blows.

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TL;DR: my DM is awesome and made me think an NPC and I were friends and then the NPC stole a key from me.

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